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Geneva encourages cycling. Its cycling policy focuses on expanding the network and cyclist safety.


The new cycle map


Geneva’s cycling policy

This policy focuses on three main objectives:

  • studying the requirements, deficiencies and solutions regarding the cycling policy;
  • improving the safety and comfort of cyclists;
  • promoting cycling, in collaboration with associations and cantonal and federal authorities.

It puts forward management projects for roads and public areas which facilitates and safeguards bicycle journeys. These projects are submitted to the canton (Transport department) which is the relevant authority for road works.

To promote bike use, it supports the Genèveroule (Geneva on the move) association which provides bikes free for public use during the high season. It also supports the Geneva Pro Bike association which organises the Bicycle Saturdays event and provides cycling classes.

These initiatives aim to facilitate bicycle access, spread awareness of designated routes and allow new cyclists to feel more comfortable in traffic through better knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.

A self-service bike-sharing system is available throughout the territory. Bike and electric bike rentals are available 24/7. For more information or if you wish to download the application, visit the Donkey Republic website.

A multitude of electric vehicles, or vehicle-like devices, have appeared on the road. These new types of vehicles are very popular and can only be used in areas where bicycles are allowed. Therefore they can't be used in pedestrian areas. More information here.

For those who wish to acquire a cargo bike, a bicycle trailer or who wish to take bicycle driving courses, financial assistance is granted by the canton of Geneva, according to specific terms and conditions. More information here.

To guide cyclists on the best routes and to know more about the traffic conditions specific to bicycles, the following sections provide valuable advice:

Bicycle figures

The Geneva City cycling network covers more than 59% of the 220 Km of municipal roads:

  • 9% cycle paths;
  • 20% cycle lanes;
  • 9% multi-use paths;
  • 4% shared with bus lanes;
  • 58% with no specific designation on roads with restricted traffic (pedestrian zones, 20 and 30km/h zones).


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