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Development, construction and energy

Gare CEVA de Champel, aménagement des arbres

With its 800 apartment blocks and public buildings, its streets and squares, the City of Geneva distinguishes itself by the size and diversity of its real estate portfolio. Every year, it invests in development, construction and maintenance projects, taking both the issue of energy-saving and the notion of heritage conservation into account.

These projects serve to create and renovate museums, schools, squares and roads. The City of Geneva must also implement large-scale development projects, for example creating the public areas around the CEVA station in les Eaux-Vives or the construction of new districts such as the Jonction eco-district, in collaboration with its partners. 

By incorporating both the issue of energy-saving and the notion of heritage conservation into the construction and renovation process, the City of Geneva serves as a driving force in the field of sustainable development for the conurbation as a whole. The municipality is also strongly committed to sustainable mobility and the maintenance of housing in the city.

  • Work sites in progress: this page lists all the work currently being carried out by the City of Geneva within its territory. Only the main sites scheduled to last more than a month, are listed in each district.
  • Development of public areas: the City of Geneva develops and maintains almost 800 streets as well as the squares and pavements. In particular, it undertakes development projects with a view to reducing road noise and guaranteeing safe travel, while also showing public areas off in their best light, thanks to the accompanying urban fittings and lighting.
  • Energy: through its energy choices with regard to heating, lighting and water management, the City of Geneva is committed to a global approach aimed at reducing its impact on the climate and achieving the target of “100% renewable by 2050”. Discover how the city applies its energy policy in tangible terms and how you can make energy savings too.
  • Urban development and planning: the construction and development projects require planning tools to be created while organising numerous discussions with the partners involved.
  • Information for construction and development professionals: this section, intended for professionals working in the field of construction and development, contains all the information concerning public procurement, surface rights, architecture and development competitions and the creation of CAD plans.

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