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Located at the heart of Europe, Geneva is a great city in which to live. Visitors enjoy the different facets of its heritage and history, but more particularly the range of leisure activities available that appeal to every taste and age group.

Geneva's heritage and monuments

Guided visits of selected monuments and sites

Un couple et son très jeune enfant se baladent sur le Salève et admirent la vue sur Genève.

Breathtaking scenery

While the Jet d’Eau fountain, soaring 140 metres into the air, remains the emblem of Geneva, the views and circuits in the city are as magical as they are varied. There is, of course, Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Western Europe but the city also boasts numerous parks, monuments and attractions as well as the old town, all of which can be explored on foot or by bike.

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The birthplace of luxury watchmaking

Geneva is also known around the world as the symbol of luxury watchmaking. If this long-standing tradition continues to fascinate people passing through and perpetuates this exceptional image, it is primarily because it still calls on a wide range of specialist professions in which precision is absolutely essential. This know-how can be appreciated simply by taking a look at the boutique windows or visiting the specialist museums.

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Fascinating culture

Visitors won’t have time to get bored in Geneva! The cultural calendar includes concerts, festivals, theatre, dance and many other events. Furthermore, some sixty art galleries and forty museums offer visitors the chance to discover original exhibitions and rare collections.

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Capital of peace

Geneva hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations and is home to more than 200 international organisations, most of which can be found around the Place des Nations, the site of the impressive “Broken Chair”, a wooden sculpture standing 12 metres high reminding everyone who sees it of the important fight against anti-personnel mines.

Le plongeoir des Bains des Pâquis plein de monde.

Summer activities

With the arrival of summer, Geneva showcases its very best assets. Visitors can relax in its magnificent parks, take a dip and enjoy free concerts and festivals at the heart of the city or by the lake shore.

Le Pont du Mont-Blanc et l'Ile Rousseau avec les illuminations de Genevalux

Winter activities

In winter, the city can be seen in its very best light thanks to the Geneva Lux Festival which presents original creations from a number of different artists. The disco on ice evenings and the numerous temporary skating rinks that pop up around town, in particular in the Parc des Bastions, add a touch of magic to those relaxing moments. In December, traditions take pride of place with the Escalade Festival and its historic processions. To round the day off in an idyllic setting, savour a delicious fondue aboard a boat.

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From Geneva with love

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