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Cultural offer for young people and families

Music, shows, dance, exhibitions, festivals: in Geneva, there is a wide-ranging cultural offer and numerous programmes specifically devoted to young people. The City of Geneva proposes a series of measures facilitating access to culture for a young audience.

Des enfants qui regardent une oeuvre.

Musée d'art et d'histoire de Genève

“20 ans/20 francs” card

Intended for young people aged 0 to 20 and resident in the Canton of Geneva or the city of Annemasse, the 20 ans/20 francs card offers preferential rates even lower than the “youth price” in more than 70 cultural venues in Geneva, or even free admission, as in all the museums of the City of Geneva. Purchased just once for the price of 20 francs, it is personal and non-transferable and remains valid until the day before the holder’s 21st birthday.

The City of Geneva allows holders of the 20 ans/20 francs card to benefit from preferential rates in its sports facilities.

Youth price

Young people under the age of twenty as well as older students who can produce proof of their enrolment benefit from reduced rates offered by the organisers of cultural events, thanks to the “access to culture” credit. This credit is jointly funded by the intercommunal fund of the association of Geneva municipalities, the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva.

Cultural activities

Organisers, programmers, schools, associations… Below, you will find a list of organisations offering activities linked to the discovery of cultural for young people.

Schools, workshops

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