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What to do in Geneva throughout the year?

Des personnes se baladent aux bords du lac Léman ou se reposent au soleil au jardin anglais

Whatever the season, Geneva is overflowing with possible excursions, both outdoor and in cultural or recreational venues. Discover our selection of activities and take full advantage of our beautiful city throughout the year!


At the moment: Autumn in Geneva

With the arrival of autumn, nature turns a thousand shades of orange, red and gold: what better opportunity to enjoy a stroll or try your hand at one of the numerous outdoor activities while enjoying the shimmering colours. Programmes specially designed for the October holidays and a range of different events and large-scale happenings, such as the nuit genevoise de la photo, punctuate the season’s cultural agenda. Discover a selection of activities and ideas for excursions to make the most of autumn in Geneva.

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