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Through a number of different services, the City of Geneva helps strengthen social ties, combat poverty and thus develop associative and community life. Prioritising local action, it adapts its services according to the different sections of the population and local situations.

Through its Social Service, the City of Geneva prioritises community-based social action. Subject to certain conditions, it provides different forms of financial aid as well as conducting actions in order to achieve three main goals:

  • take upstream action relating to social and health problems;
  • promote social inclusion;
  • develop a social policy in support of specific sections of the population, in particular senior citizens, young people and families.

Community social Policy

The community social policy (PSP) of the City of Geneva aims to meet the specific needs of the inhabitants in the different districts. It is implemented by the Social Service, the Schools Service, the Young People’s Service and the Early Childcare Service, in collaboration with public and associative partners. The fulfilment of this community social policy in particular calls on four social outreach centres, four information centres, nine community centres, one centre with an infirmary and numerous infrastructures under the aegis of the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity.

Services adapted to different sections of the population

In order to meet the needs of its inhabitants, the City of Geneva adapts its services to the different sections of the population:

It also develops communication aimed at non-French-speakers.

Assistance for vulnerable people

In partnership with the state and various private stakeholders, the City of Geneva makes every effort to assist vulnerable people. From day centres to different forms of emergency accommodation, personal health and hygiene care and social accompaniment, this section presents the different resources deployed to provide assistance to people living in difficult situations.

Social information office

Without requiring an appointment, anyone can obtain basic social information as well as guidance in contacting the most suitable organisation to answer their questions. The social information office handles all matters in the strictest confidence and people can request to remain anonymous in their contact with the staff.

Social assistance

The social assistance section lists the different forms of financial assistance and specific actions offering support, either throughout the year or for specific periods, to people and families with modest means.

Support for associative life

The City of Geneva supports and strengthens local associative life by a number of means. The units of the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity, and in particular the Associative Life Unit, develop genuine partnerships with associations active in the field of social cohesion, senior citizens and young people. This support for associative life takes the shape of:

  • subsidies;
  • the conclusion and signature of agreements;
  • continuing education;
  • regular dialogue.

In order to innovate in the field of civic participation and lend associations, in particular those working with young people, a helping hand the Projets à la pelle were introduced by the Department of Social Cohesion in 2015. Twice a year, initiatives relating to a specific theme can receive support from the City.

Volunteer work

A section specially dedicated to volunteer work, or anyone who would like to become involved in it, presents an overview of the different options available in Geneva.

Community contracts

As tools of participatory democracycommunity contracts enable inhabitants to collaborate with the City of Geneva to propose solutions designed to improve the quality of life within their district. This section presents a history of the different community contracts implemented in the City of Geneva while explaining how they work.

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