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Through its actions, the City of Geneva helps strengthen social ties, combat poverty and thus develop associative and community life. Prioritising local action, it adapts its services according to the different sections of the population and local situations.

The City of Geneva prioritises different types of action in order to achieve three main goals:

  • take upstream action relating to social and health problems;
  • promote social inclusion;
  • develop a social policy in support of specific sections of the population, in particular senior citizens, young people and families.

Social and financial aid

The social and financial aid section lists the different forms of financial assistance and specific actions offering support, either throughout the year or for specific periods, to people and families with modest means.

Information and social guidance

The City of Geneva provides information and support on social and health-related issues in collaboration with its partners. The assistance provided includes information concerning the life and activities in the different districts, guidance in contacting associative partners and support when completing certain procedures.

Support for vulnerable and homeless people

In partnership with the state and various private stakeholders, the City of Geneva makes every effort to assist vulnerable people. From meals to different forms of emergency accommodation, personal health and hygiene care and social accompaniment, this section presents the different resources deployed to provide assistance to people living in difficult situations.

Support for associative life

The City of Geneva supports and strengthens local associative life by a number of means. The associative life unit and the local social outreach centres develop genuine partnerships through subsidies or support for the implementation of projects. Calls for projects are tools designed to develop projects for the neighbourhood and support local initiatives.

Facilities and activities for residents

Another form of support for neighbourhood life can be seen in the development of neighbourhood projects in the form of social outreach actions and in the provision of facilities such as the community centres, allowing activities to be organised by the local inhabitants, groups and associations. It is also possible to hire rooms under certain conditions. A facility dedicated to senior citizens organises numerous activities, thereby complementing the services available to the older population in the different districts. A certain number of events are also organised for the population as a whole.


Services adapted to different sections of the population

In order to meet the needs of its inhabitants, the City of Geneva develops its services according to the different sections of the population:

It also develops communication aimed at non-French-speakers.

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