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Vue Champel

The residential district of Champel is leafy and calm. It is nevertheless undergoing major change, with the huge CEVA railway construction site.


Champel is located on the left bank of the river between the districts of Plainpalais, les Eaux-Vives and Cité. To the south, the bend in the river Arve marks the boundary with the municipalities of Carouge and Veyrier. The municipality of Chêne-Bougeries begins on the other side of the Chemin du Velours. 

The district comprises the following sectors:

  • Champel;
  • Florissant;
  • Malagnou;
  • Roseraie;
  • Hôpital;
  • La Colline;
  • Le Bout-du-Monde.

A changing residential district

The district of Champel mainly consists of big blocks of mostly plush flats and also villas. An ill-fated district in the past, where prisoners condemned to death were executed, villas of rich families were built there towards the end of the 18th century. Despite the construction of numerous subsidised housing blocks from the 1960s onwards, Champel has retained its reputation as a chic, bourgeois district.

Construction of the CEVA line

This peaceful district with relatively few shops or restaurants is undergoing wholesale change due to the construction of the CEVA railway line (Cornavin-Eaux-Vives-Annemasse). The 'Champel-Hôpital' station is built on the Champel plateau, one of five new CEVA stations. This provides direct access to the plateau and to the Geneva teaching hospitals (Cluse-Roseraie site) via an underground tunnel.

A peaceful, leafy environment

With several green areas, the district of Champel is peaceful and leafy. At its centre, the Parc Bertrand offers inhabitants a peaceful shady setting, but behind this calm exterior, it is bubbling with secrets and anecdotes.

While Champel is primarily residential, the lower part of the district to the east consists of more public buildings, office space and shops, as it is close to the city centre. The sector around the hospital, between Avenue de la Roseraie and Boulevard de la Cluse, is home to one of the few orientation courses available in the city, at the Collège de l'Aubépine, as well as numerous hospitals. With the services it provides, it attracts numerous people from throughout the canton. In the upper reaches of Champel, near Florissant, a wide range of tertiary-sector firms can be found nestling between the residential buildings.

Information about Champel

The building sites currently in progress in your district

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The brochure presenting the district of Champel

The 'Near you' district brochure, available for download at the bottom of the page or from the info-service centres helps inhabitants familiarise themselves with the services available in their district provided by the public authorities or the network of associations.

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