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Discover the district of Acacias Bâtie

The burgeoning and dynamic district of Acacias Bâtie has its sights set firmly on the future and is undertaking major changes. An industrial and commercial district, it also boasts extensive green areas.


Acacias Bâtie is one of the eight major districts of the City of Geneva. Located on the left bank of the river Arve and nestling between the river and the municipalities of Lancy and Carouge, it is connected to the district of Plainpalais Jonction by the Hans Wilsdorf Bridge. The district comprises the following sectors:

  • Acacias;
  • Bâtie;
  • Saint-Georges;
  • Vernets;
  • Queue d'Arve;
  • Gravière.

Les Acacias – an innovative environment

Organised to meet production requirements, this industrial and commercial zone is located between two major routes – the Route des Jeunes and the Route des Acacias. Numerous companies here have opted for an innovative architecture. Les Acacias has therefore become a site where new ideas are given free rein.

Dynamic production sector

When the industrial zone of les Acacias was created in the 1960s, the sector was still outside the city limits. Now close to the city centre and to the districts of Plainpalais and Carouge, and currently undergoing major change, les Acacias is an extremely dynamic district: boasting a high concentration of jobs, this zone is one of the city’s most active production areas. 

The main change currently under way is the transformation of this specialised zone into a sector that is home to a wide range of activities. This diversification can already be seen in the arrival of a number of banks in this traditionally industrial and handicraft-oriented zone.

Rich cultural offering

The district also boasts a rich cultural offering. It is home to several theatres, concert venues, workshops and artistic exhibition venues, in particular in connection with the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (HEAD). These activities give impetus to community life, and a number of cafés and restaurants are springing up.

Future Praille-Acacias-Vernets urban sector

The perimeter of this future urban sector stretches across the three municipalities of Carouge (33%), Lancy (39%) and Geneva (28%).

The reorganisation and development of the Praille-Acacias-Vernets sector is one of the priorities of the State of Geneva, which wishes to extend the city centre by creating new areas. The district of Acacias Bâtie is destined to become a central and contemporary district offering a quality environment. Job opportunities, residential areas and public spaces will rub shoulders with one another. 

New accommodation in les Vernets

In the shorter term, the focus will be on building some 1,500 residential units on the site of the former barracks of les Vernets. In coordination with the relocation of the army which currently occupies the site, work is scheduled to start by 2020. The first residential units could be delivered as early as 2022.

La Bâtie – a forest at the heart of the city

To the north-west of the district, the sector of la Bâtie is a haven of greenery within the city. It is home to the Saint-Georges funeral centre, Geneva’s largest cemetery, and the Bois-de-la-Bâtie, 12 hectares of natural forest ideal for walking.

Information about Acacias Bâtie

The building sites currently in progress in your district

See the list of building sites lasting more than one month implemented by the City of Geneva in the Acacias Bâtie district. .

The Plainpalais information centre

The attentive staff of the Plainpalais information centre, located on the left bank of the river, provide social health, education and cultural information about Geneva while facilitating access to municipal, cantonal and associative services.

The brochure presenting the districts of Acacias Bâtie and Plainpalais Jonction

The 'Near you' district brochure , available in French for download or from the info-service centres helps inhabitants familiarise themselves with the services available in their district provided by the public authorities or the network of associations.

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