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The City of Geneva is a major centre of global multilateral cooperation. Home to numerous international organisations (IOs), diplomatic missions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), it promotes universal, humanist values.

Geneva, the home of international institutions

The term “International Geneva” refers to this group of international organisations, permanent missions and NGOs present within the city’s territory. These organisations have transformed Geneva into a recognised competence centre in numerous spheres such as peace and disarmament, humanitarian law, labour and trade, health, scientific research and sustainable development.

A global centre of governance

Together with New York, Geneva is one of the leading centres worldwide in the field of multilateral diplomacy. Approximately 2,500 international conferences and meetings are held in Geneva every year. These meetings attract almost 200,000 delegates from around the world. This conference activity is accompanied by more than 5,000 official visits every year by heads of state, heads of government, ministers and high-ranking dignitaries. Furthermore, almost 30,000 employees work in these organisations and permanent missions on a daily basis.

The presence of numerous multinationals also contributes to the dynamic economic situation of the area around Lake Geneva while enhancing the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city even further.

An active welcoming policy

This cosmopolitanism and the city’s openness to the world are essential elements of the City of Geneva’s identity. Boasting a long tradition of welcoming visitors, the City of Geneva makes every effort to create the conditions conducive to hosting the diplomatic world along with its new inhabitants.

International cooperation between cities

In order to maintain its global influence, the City of Geneva has joined numerous networks of Swiss and foreign cities. This enables it to strengthen its ties with cities displaying the same objectives or sharing common problems.

Declaration of Geneva

A fervent advocate of the application of international humanitarian law and committed to ensuring respect for human rights and peace, the City of Geneva plays a crucial role in reasserting the importance of cultural heritage to human rights.

  • Declaration of Geneva

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