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The City of Geneva is making progress on the road towards “100% renewable in 2050”. Through its energy choices with regard to heating, lighting and water management, the city is committed to a global approach aimed at reducing its impact on the climate.

Energy policy

Specific actions implemented when constructing or renovating buildings in the City of Geneva help reduce dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels. Thanks to its efforts, the City of Geneva has joined other Swiss and European cities leading the way in terms of actions designed to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, it has received the European Energy Award Gold (EEA).

100% renewable buildings

Most of the City of Geneva’s renovation and construction projects meet the 100% renewable objective.

Energy transition of buildings, sites and districts

To achieve its “100% renewable in 2050” goal, the City of Geneva takes simultaneous action on several fronts: individual buildings, construction sites and entire districts. 

Solar energy

The City of Geneva exploits the potential of solar energy to the full: solar thermal power plants, solar photovoltaic power plants which produce local renewable electricity and hybrid solar panels which produce both heat and electricity.

Water management

The City of Geneva takes a number of measures to make savings with regard to water use. These measures target consumption by fountains, irrigation water, swimming pools and sports centres.

Public lighting

The City of Geneva has reduced its electricity consumption by 36% in recent years.

Eco-gestures: individual actions to save energy

Discover a list of tips and resources enabling you to make energy savings on a daily basis. Meet Ecomax, the energy superhero, who makes children aware of energy issues. 

Institutional framework

The energy and climate policy is developed in coordination with the legislative and qualitative goals stipulated at federal and cantonal level by the Energy Act, the general energy concept and its blueprint.


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