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Through its energy policies and choices in terms of heating, lighting or water management, the City of Geneva is committed to a global approach which aims to reduce its impact on the climate and to become a resilient city.

Facing climate emergency, the objective of this periode of mandate is clear: we must continue to implement efforts in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% on the territory of the City by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Reaching the 100% renewable

The City of Geneva is committed to achieve its political objectives and all the associated energy and climate strategies in the best possible way to reach the 100% renewable path by 2050.

Energy transition of buildings and districts

To achieve its objectives "100% renewable and zero greenhouse emissions by 2050", the City of Geneva is acting simultaneously on several fronts: at the scale of buildings, sites and districts. Almost all renovation and construction projects meet this objective. Today, more than 100 buildings have made their energy transition.

Public lighting

The management of public lighting is fundamental to the development of a city. The "light better, consume less" strategy and a public lighting plan management are tools that enable the City of Geneva to considerably reduce its electricity consumption. To be fully supplied with renewable energy and to limit light pollution while taking into account the impact of lighting on living things (human beings, animals, plants) the minucipality is acting to its best.

Solar energy

The City of Geneva exploits all the potential of solar energy: solar thermal power stations, photovoltaic solar power plants which produce renewable and local electricity or hybrid solar panels, which produce both heat and electricity.

Water management

The City of Geneva implements various actions to achieve water use savings. Management of water is effective at different levels : water consumption of fountains, irrigation water or even swimming pools and sports centres of the City of Geneva.


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