Geneva for gourmets: eating and drinking in the city

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With restaurants, food trucks, local products, refreshments stands and mouth-watering events, discover our suggestions to savour Geneva to the full!

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Where to buy local food and drinks in Geneva


Restaurants in Geneva

From traditional fondues through neighbourhood bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, the food scene in Geneva is as diverse as the City itself.

To help you choose, you can opt for a restaurant giving pride of place to local and/or seasonal fare:

"Ambassadeur du Terroir genevois"

The “Ambassadeur du Terroir genevois” quality and local production label identifies cafés, restaurants and hotels which prioritise local produce.

Participants in the “A table Genève!” competition

Every year, numerous restaurants in Geneva place local, artisanal and seasonal produce centre stage during the “Semaine du Goût”, which has been renamed A table!

Wines and beers from the region


With its 14,000 hectares of vines, Geneva is Switzerland’s third-largest wine-producing canton, divided into three main regions:

  • Le Mandement (Russin, Satigny, Peissy, La Plaine, etc.);
  • Entre Arve & Rhône (Lully, Bernex, Soral, etc.);
  • Entre Arve & Lac (Jussy, Anières, Gy, etc.).

The Genève Terroir website presents a full list of Geneva-based producers, estates and cellars as well as information on the grape varieties grown in Geneva. Activities such as wine walks and tastings are also listed.

“Les Caves ouvertes de Genève”

During the “Les Caves Ouvertes de Genève event held every year in May, almost 90 winemakers in the Canton of Geneva open their doors for a day, offering you the chance to discover their wines. In addition to wine tastings, most of the vineyards serve snacks and organise activities and entertainment.

Craft breweries

The Directory of restaurants serving local produce present a list of craft breweries in and around Geneva.

Centre for local wines and beers

A new centre dedicated to local wines and beers was opened in June 2022 on the Pont de la Machine platform. It offers the residents of Geneva the chance to taste fresh products in the company of brewers and winemakers. Every evening when it is open, two winemakers and a brewer will be on hand to present their specialities.

Eating in the street or in the parks

Throughout the year, it is possible to buy delicious fare from the food trucks scattered around the city or from certain stands which are organised at markets.

During the warmer months, summer refreshments stands spring up along the lake sore or in the city’s parks, serving refreshing drinks and snacks accompanied by a wide range of events.

Take-away meals

To reduce waste production at source, the State of Geneva, the City of Geneva and SIG Eco21 have joined forces to promote reusable tableware for take-away food. Find advice and the list of the restaurateurs involved on the State of Geneva website:

Events that tickle our taste buds

  • Geneva Street Food Festival (June and September): Every year, in June and September, food-trucks and bars set up stall in the Jardin anglais for two weekends focussing on gastronomy.
  • Festi’Terroir (end of August – start of September): A large-scale market hosting producers, culinary artisans and winemakers at the heart of Geneva, this annual event is a unique opportunity to meet the players on the local produce scene.
  • A table! (September): Every year in September, in collaboration with other partners, the City of Geneva participates in the “À table!” campaign, inviting cafés and restaurants to promote healthy eating.
  • L'Afrikfestifood (end of August – start of September): Every year at the Pavillon Sicli, this culinary festival places African cuisine, products and crafts centre stage.

More events

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