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Find all the useful information for obtaining an identity card, a passport or other civil status documents.

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Identity documents

Find all the useful information for obtaining a Swiss passport and/or identity card. Information relating to identity documents for children and foreign citizens is also provided.

Documents issued by the civil registry office 

Individual civil status certificate

For Swiss citizens, this document serves as proof of personal data as recorded in the civil register, for example name, civil status and right of citizenship. It is issued by the civil registry office of the place of origin.

Family certificate

The family certificate replaced the family record booklet in 2004. It serves as proof of family ties between the members of a family and parents’ civil status with respect to certain authorities. It is presented to the spouses when they are married. Recording all the members of the family, this document can be replaced following a new civil status event.

Record of civil partnership

The record of civil partnership indicates where and when a partnership was registered as well as the current personal data of the partners.

Certificate of cantonal partnership in Geneva

This certificate testifies to the official nature of the cantonal partnership Geneva and the partners’ right to be treated in the same way as married persons in their dealings with the public administration, except in matters relating to taxation and the allocation of welfare benefits unless otherwise stipulated by a provision under public law.

Marriage or civil partnership certificate

These documents must be requested from the district of the civil registry office where the marriage was celebrated or from the civil registry office where the civil partnership was registered.

Birth certificate

A birth certificate indicates the place, date and time of birth of a child together with their first name(s) and surname(s). It also contains information relating to the parents including their surname, first names, place of origin and place of residence. This document can be requested from the civil registry office which registered the birth.

Confirmation of recognition of a child

Confirmation of recognition can be requested from the civil registry office of the place where  recognition was registered.

Death certificate

This document provides information concerning the deceased person and specifies when and where the death occurred. It does not indicate the cause of death. If death occurred in the City of Geneva, it is possible to request this document from the civil registry office of the City of Geneva:

Certificate of origin and right of citizenship

Drawn up on the basis of the register of persons, the certificate of origin indicates affiliation to a municipality, or the right of citizenship, with which the political rights and duties of every Swiss citizen are linked. It becomes invalid if the status of the holder changes in any way. It is required by certain cantons in the event of a change of residence.

The municipal administration retains the certificate of origin of Swiss citizens for as long as the person in question remains a citizen of the canton.

Declaration of domicile and certificate of residence

People born in Geneva or of Swiss nationality who are resident within the City of Geneva and who require a certificate of residence or a declaration of domicile can submit a request to the civil registry office of the City of Geneva.

Foreign nationals or families in which not all members, parents and children are Swiss must contact the Cantonal Bureau of Population and Migration.

Life certificate

The civil registry office of the City of Geneva issues life certificates to Swiss citizens or foreign nationals who may or may not be resident in the City of Geneva. This is a procedure which involves certifying that a person who presents themself at the counter in possession of their identity documents is alive.

Proof of non-existence of a marriage or a partnership

This document indicates the current situation at the time it is issued. 

Proof relating to parents

This document provides the current information relating to the holder and their biological parents at the time it is issued.

Proof of name

This document indicates the name currently used and any names that may previously have been used.

Proof of right of citizenship for Swiss citizens

This document provides proof of acquisition of Swiss nationality. It includes the current rights of citizenship together with the means of acquiring this and any previous rights of citizenship together with the reason for acquisition.

Proof of marriage

This document proves the existence of a marriage or dissolution of a marriage. 

Confirmation of the registered civil status of a foreign national or stateless person

This document indicates the current information relation to the holder, their spouse or their partner at the time it is issued.

What to do if you lose any civil status documents                             

If you lose any civil status documents, you can submit a new request to the relevant department, following the same procedure as for the original certificate or document.

The Geneva cantonal police must be notified immediately of the disappearance of your identity document, in particular in the event of theft, loss or destruction.

Legalisation and transcription of documents

Legalisation and transcription are tasks carried out by the cantonal authorities. To find out what to do and who to contact, please consult the following procedures page:


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