Geneva, a sustainable city: what can you do?

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Sustainable development is a matter for everyone. Numerous daily gestures and personal actions help reduce the environmental and social impact of all our activities. Here are a few suggestions of what we can do here and now to promote sustainable development.

Below, we take a look at a selection of targeted actions, presented by theme, which – either directly or indirectly – reduce our ecological footprint and thus contribute to protecting the environment and the climate. This page only deals with actions in the economic, social and cultural spheres.

In Geneva, half of all greenhouse gas (GG) emissions generated by the canton can be traced back to our “indirect” consumption and primarily involve food, consumer goods and electricity imported from abroad. For the remaining half, the majority of GG emissions comes from the housing sector (heating, hot water, etc.) and transport (planes, buses, trams, cars, scooters, etc.).

Calculating your ecological footprint

Use one of the numerous online calculators to know if you consume more or less energy than the average. For example:

Responsible purchasing

The inhabitants of Geneva buy a large number of household appliances, IT products and vehicles, the production of which requires both energy and the mining of raw materials. These consumer goods are the fourth-largest category with regard to the flow of resources consumed

Buildings and energy

This sector includes greenhouse gas emissions linked to heating (mainly gas and fuel oil), the production of hot water and the use of electricity.


Regardless of whether it is in our daily life, for professional reasons, studies, shopping, recreational purposes or our holidays, our travel has a clear impact on air quality and climate change.


The canton imports approximately 80% of the commodities consumed by its population. The transport of food products is the third-largest flow of resources consumed in Geneva after building materials and energy products.

Sorting and recycling household waste

Visit one of the eco-points to sort your recyclable waste using the skips provided.

Living together

La ville est à vous is an event offering you the chance to reclaim public areas by transforming each district into a festive meeting place during the course of a weekend.

Volunteer work

The web page devoted to volunteers provides detailed information about how to become involved in volunteer work in Geneva.


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