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A sustainable and locally-sourced diet

Gros plan sur deux mains portant des tomates

The canton imports approximately 80% of the commodities consumed by its population. The transport of food products is the third-largest flow of resources consumed in Geneva after building materials and energy products. Learn how to adopt a local, sustainable approach to eating.

Locally-sourced food

Good addresses in Geneva

Prioritise locally-sourced food: you can place a regular order for a basket of vegetables and/or fruit, buy from online groceries or opt for direct sales. When organising events, call on responsible caterers. Discover a selection of good addresses on the page entitled Some good addresses for eating local produce in Geneva.

You can also find locally-sourced produce on the different markets around the city and in supermarkets. Always check the origin of the goods on the packaging or the stalls. Traders don't always produce what they sell: ask them where their products come from, how they are grown, etc. 

Gardening and urban kitchen gardens

Plant your seeds and grow your own vegetables on your balcony or in urban kitchen gardens.

Seasonal products

Favour seasonal produce. To this end, check the seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers charts, available for download on the Genève Terroir website.

The website of the Fédération romande des consommateurs offers a number of tips for storing fruit and vegetables and thus prolonging the seasons.

Seasonal recipes using locally-sourced produce

Waste and packaging

Prioritise the use of ground coffee or coffee beans instead of capsules.

Use tap water instead of bottled water. 

Turn your food waste to compost with the little green bin.

Avoid unnecessary, disposable packaging and favour washable crockery and Tupperware-style containers to transport and eat meals.

Reduce food waste

Reduce food waste, which represents one-third of food production in Europe, by following the recommendations of the WWF.


Favour quality food carrying a label (GRTA, organic, Max Havelaar, etc.). You will find a brief explanation of some food labels, enabling you to choose your food in Geneva, on the Food labels and certifications page.

Reduce your meat consumption

Replace meat with vegetables at least once a week. Discover why eating meat is not good for the environment on the website of the WWF.


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