Where to go swimming in Geneva?

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Find all the useful information and safety measures for going swimming in Geneva, be it in swimming pools, paddling pools, Lake Geneva or one of the local rivers.


Geneva boasts numerous bathing spots for every age and every taste.

Swimming in a natural setting

Beaches and baths in the City of Geneva

Several locations on both shores of Lake Geneva offer bathing in the lake to people of all ages:

Élément de l'accordéon
enfants qui jouent sur des balançoires pendues à des arbres, avec du sable en dessous

The City of Geneva has a free public beach of sand and grass, with play equipment for children: Baby-plage.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility, it is equipped with public toilets and showers.

Several refreshment stands are nearby, including La Canopée.

Accessibility of the site

Non accessible en fauteuil roulant

Non accessible en fauteuil roulant

Toilettes partiellement accessibles en fauteuil roulant

Toilettes partiellement accessibles en fauteuil roulant

Aménagements pour personnes avec déficience intellectuelle

Aménagements pour personnes avec déficience intellectuelle

sable et personnes en maillot de bains au bord du lac avec le Jet d'eau en fond

A second free public beach, Plage des Eaux-Vives (the Eaux-Vives Beach), offers a superb view of the harbour, with sand, pebbles and grass to enjoy the fine weather.

It is equipped with toilets, showers, an access ramp for people with reduced mobility, drinking water fountains and sorting areas.

The Plage bikes and the Plage des Eaux-Vives restaurant offer drinks and snacks. The beach is not far from summer refreshment stands, including the Canopée.

Between the beach and the quay, a reedbed is home to many species of birds.

A small 130-metre-long pebble beach, located on the edge of the Parc William-Rappard in the extension of the Botanical Gardens, offers free access to the lake for swimming. The Nautica marina and biodiversity facilities are also located here.

The Bains des Pâquis, particularly popular with Genevans, also offers access to the lake and a friendly atmosphere. There's a refreshment bar, sauna, Turkish bath and steam room. Numerous cultural activities take place here throughout the year, such as the Aubes musicales festival.

Bains des Pâquis

Quai du Mont-Blanc 30
1201 Genève

Tél. +41 22 732 29 74
Site web des Bains des Pâquis

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Toilettes partiellement accessibles en fauteuil roulant

Toilettes partiellement accessibles en fauteuil roulant

Accès baignade Quai Wilson

Until 16 October 2023, temporary facilities have been installed on the Quai Wilson, allowing the public to swim in a delimited area near the Hôtel Président Wilson. Unsupervised swimming is permitted from 12pm to 10pm only.

During the summer, a three-wheeler with drinks and snacks circulates on the quay in front of the swimming area.

Espace de baignade du Quai Wilson

Quai WILSON 47
1201 Genève
Quai Wilson

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Beaches in the canton of Geneva

The canton has 29 bathing spots which are listed on the  State of Geneva webiste

The Lake Geneva beaches website allows you to find a beach according to the types of activity and infrastructure you are looking for.

Swimming in the Rhône: stay alert!

The Rhône is a dangerous river, which regularly claims victims. To minimize the risks, swim within the recommended zone, and follow the recommendations below and posted on site.

For anyone wanting to take advantage of the amenities on the banks of the river at the Pointe de la Jonction and to enjoy the cool waters of the Rhône, stay alert as there are strong currents, and respect the instructions on site.


Before and during your swim, find your way around using the numbering on the land-based lifebuoys. If you identify a person in danger, call for help (117 or 118 or 144) and indicate the number of the buoy at which the person is in difficulty.

Loan of waterproof bags or floats

As part of the "Lâche pas ta bouée!" prevention campaign, La Barje is making waterproof bags available to bathers. Developed for white-water bathing by the Accident Prevention Bureau, these bags protect personal belongings while also acting as emergency floats in case of need. They provide invaluable support for swimmers in difficulty, and can be easily detached if caught on a branch or root. They can be borrowed free of charge from the stand manned by the Lâche ta bouée! team, or purchased from the A la Pointe refreshment bar.

Useful information for swimming in a natural setting

Water quality

  • It is not advisable to swim in Geneva's rivers, particularly after a storm, for reasons of water quality and wildlife conservation.
  • The map of the beaches provided by the commission internationale pour la protection des eaux du Léman (CIPEL) offers regularly updated information on the quality of the water. The Canton of Geneva also provides information on the water quality of Geneva's beaches by email at @email, by telephone on +41225467600 or on social networks (GEenvironnement).

Water temperature

Water folw and level

  • The Confederation website allows you to observe the daily variations in the level of the lake, regulated by an inter-cantonal agreement and kept constant by means of the Seujet damn.

The right thing to do

Whitewater swimming is not without risks. It is important to adopt the right precautions and follow the safety advice given above (for swimming in the Rhône) or on the website of the Accident Prevention Bureau (for whitewater swimming in general).

Public swimming pools in Geneva

The City of Geneva has six public swimming pools. While certain local pools essentially host sports clubs, the two large pools of Varembé (closed untill furhter notice) and les Vernets, boasting indoor and outdoor pools, are open to the public.

Paddling pools

While the pool in les Vernets has a paddling pool, there are several other such structures available free of charge in the different parks around Geneva. Only open to children under the age of 7 and the people accompanying them. More information on the paddling pools page.

Find your swimming spot

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