Summer holidays: head for Geneva!

Are you dreaming of the Mediterranean, exotic destinations or a journey to the far side of the globe? Geneva boasts a number of sites that will whisk you off on a journey and satisfy (almost) all your desires to visit distant destinations.


père et son enfant marchant dans les herbes au parmi d'énormes arbres dont on ne voit que les troncs

California in Parc Barton

The tops of the trees reach for the sky while their name calls to mind the American West, native Indians and, quite literally, one of nature’s biggest success stories: visit Parc Barton for a head-to-trunk with the giant sequoias, monumental trees that populate numerous Californian forests.


chemin de cailloux à côté d'un long ponton en bois bordé de roseaux

The Camargue at the gates of Geneva

Take advantage of the wooden pontoons to enjoy a stroll through attractive expanses of water and reed beds and admire the birds, all to the backdrop of a frog chorus: but for the hulking presence of the Salève mountain behind the Marais de Sionnet, a nature reserve along the banks of the River Seymaz, you might easily believe you were in the Camargue!

bâtiment gris et rouge aux fenetres colorées et aux façades incurvées

Barcelona in les Grottes

Buildings with rounded walls, spiral halls and surprising colours: there is an air of Gaudi floating over the architectural complex of les Schtroumpfs. Instead of flying off to Barcelona, take a one-way ticket for the district of les Grottes!


cactus et autres plantes résistantes à la sécheresse dans une serre en verre

The Canary Islands at the Botanical Conservatory and Garden

A setting inspired by the volcanic Canary islands, with cacti and succulents growing in cooled lava: this is one of the delightful surprises at the Botanical Conservatory and Gardens, to be seen in the volcanic greenhouse.


herbe, palmiers et pateaugoire

The Mediterranean at Mon Repos

Admire the pomegranates and olive trees, stroll in the shade of the palm trees while admiring the sun shimmering on the water: Parc Mon Repos offers a trip to the Mediterranean combined with stunning views over Lake Geneva.


cloche en bronze pendant sous une structure en bois, au milieu d'un espace vert et arboré

Japan at l’Ariana

The lush calm of Parc de l’Ariana whisks anyone taking a stroll there off to the suburbs of Tokyo with its Japanese bell, a replica of the bell at Honsen-ji temple of Shinagawa.


jardin à la française bordé d'un côté d'arbres dont on ne voit presque que les troncs, et d'une maison de maître de l'autre côté

Versailles in Parc des Délices

With its French garden, Parc des Délices has an air of Petite Versailles. A chance to take a stroll between the yews, chestnut trees and Austrian pine and to see the former residence of Voltaire, which is now the Institute and Museum Voltaire.


vue d'un homme de dos portant des boules de pétanque

Marseille in les Cropettes

Set a southerly course! On the pétanque courts, you can enjoy a game with friends in the shade of tall trees that offer welcome shade. No need to go to Marseille to play pétanque: in les Cropettes, you can almost hear the cicadas sing…

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