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Dangerous breeds

Dangerous dogs must be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle at all times. Owning such a dog is subject to special conditions.

So-called attack dogs or breeds deemed to be dangerous as well as cross-breeds bred using one of these breeds are prohibited within the canton. This ban relates to all listed dogs which arrived in Geneva after 24/02/2008 or listed and unknown to the Cantonal Veterinary Office (SCAV) before this date. The list of breeds concerned is indicated in article 17 of the  Regulation relating to application of the Dog Act (RChiens).

Dogs listed benefiting from an authorisation

Dogs benefiting from an authorisation of ownership (blue card) are not concerned by this ban but are subject to special regulations. More particularly, they must:

  • pass a behavioural control test (TMC) which evaluates the dog’s behaviour and the ability of their owner to control them under all circumstances;
  • be castrated or sterilised from the age of 7 months, except in the event of an exemption duly justified by the veterinary practitioner and evaluated by the Cantonal Veterinary Office (SCAV);
  • be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle at all times anywhere in the territory, including in areas where dogs can be taken off the leash, as soon as they leave their place of residence;
  • not live with another dog within the owner’s household, except if they benefit from an exemption.

The specific provisions to which dangerous dogs are subject are stipulated in Chapter IV of the Dog Act (LChiens) and Chapter V of the Regulation relating to the application of the Dog Act (RChiens).


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