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Making use of public areas

Une scène de concert au milieu d'un parc

Increased use of public areas is subject to authorisation and requires payment of a tax or licence as well as a fee. This page provides all the useful information relating to the different types of encroachment on public areas.

Any temporary or permanent use of public areas (either on the surface or underground) which exceeds common use is deemed to be an encroachment. Governed by legal provisions, this increased use is subject to prior authorisation and requires payment of a tax or licence as well as a fee.


  • Organising cultural, festive, sporting, religious, artistic or associative events : This section brings together all information necessary to organise an event in the City of Geneva, be it cultural, commercial, sporting, of general interest or of a different nature. Any request must be submitted at least 30 days before the date of the event.
  • Organising film shoots : obtain all the information necessary to organise a film shoot, with or without fixed installations, on the page dedicated to this topic.
  • Fairgrounds : fun fairs are events intended to provide entertainment for the inhabitants of Geneva. Find all the information relating to the conditions of admission for fair operators to fairgrounds.

Setting up work sites

Installations linked to a business

  • Installing terraces : several types of terrace can be installed in the City of Geneva. Installation and operation of these terraces are subject to authorisation;
  • Marquees, awnings and construction elements linked to a business : Installing construction elements fastened to a building but which encroach on a public area, such as canopies, protruding display cabinets, marquees, awnings or mantling, requires authorisation.
  • Goods stalls : if permission is obtained, a goods display or installation used as a sales or decoration aid can be installed in a public area. This type of installation, which must be linked to a business, requires authorisation.

Installing stands

  • Food stands : this section presents all the useful information with regard to operating an ice cream stand, a roasted chestnuts kiosk or a food truck within the territory of the City of Geneva. This type of installation is subject to authorisation, within the limit of available spaces.
  • Stalls : selling souvenirs, these stalls are subject to authorisation. A limited number of stalls is authorised and the locations are clearly defined.
  • Political or trade union stands : find all the useful information for installing a temporary stand in a public area. This type of installation requires several authorisations.

Advertising processes and shop signs

This section presents all the useful information about installing an advertising process which requires prior authorisation. Whether this involves posters, temporary or permanent advertising processes, installing advertising is subject to strict regulations, in particular relating to the dimensions.

Other installations

  • Carousels: find all the useful information about the necessary authorisations and the rates for installing a carousel in the City of Geneva.
  • Newspaper dispensers : this page presents various information about installing newspaper dispensers in Geneva, with the locations defined by the City.


  • Markets : in this section, learn which measures have been implemented to ensure that the 26 markets organised on municipal land run smoothly, how the regulation is applied and which procedures must be followed to obtain or extend a location.

Music in public areas

The Music in the streets of Geneva section presents all the practical information about obtaining a legitimation car or a daily authorisation in order to perform in public areas. It reminds interested parties that certain rules must be respected in order to ensure that all users of public areas share the space in perfect harmony.

Authorisation and price

Authorisation to make use of public areas is granted by the public areas department of the City of Geneva. It can be withdrawn without compensation on justified grounds or if the beneficiary does not comply with the legal provisions or the conditions established.

The taxes and licence fees are indicated in the regulation setting the rates for encroaching on or under public areas . The administrative fees are collected in accordance with article 59, paragraph 4 of the Roads Act .

An end to disposable plastic

From 1 January 2020, the City of Geneva will prohibit the use of disposable plastic products in all activities subject to authorisation within the public domain.


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