Maintaining peace and tranquillity in public areas

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Excessive noise that disturbs the population is prohibited at all times. At night, additional precautions are necessary to avoid disturbing peace and tranquillity in public areas.

Des agents de la police municipale lors d'une patrouille au bord du lac

The officers of the municipal police force (APM) will make every effort to ensure peace and tranquillity in public areas is maintained as far as possible. Each individual must adopt a responsible and respectful behaviour with regard to other people in terms of noise.

Noises prohibited at all times

Generally speaking, excessive noise which disturbs peace and tranquillity in public areas is prohibited night and day. The police can intervene in the event of excessive noise, even during the day, if it disturbs local residents or can be heard in public areas.

In particular, each individual is required, both day and night:

  • to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their dog does not disturb the peace and tranquillity in public areas by barking or howling;
  • not to make abusive use of musical instruments or equipment which serves to reproduce sound;
  • not to use motorised vehicles without a sufficiently effective exhaust silencer.


Noises prohibited at night

Some noises which are acceptable during the day are not permitted at night as they disturb the rest of other individuals. In particular, these include:

  • all unsuitable noise disturbances: DIY, housework, music, etc.;
  • shouts, yells, calls and alarms;
  • slamming doors.

These noises are prohibited everywhere from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. They are also prohibited at any time close to certain places such as hospitals, schools or places of worship during religious ceremonies. Certain bans also apply on Sundays and public holidays.

Festive noises

All types of celebration can only be held by private citizens if all necessary measures have been taken to avoid disturbing the peace and tranquillity of local residents or in public areas. You are advised to discuss the matter beforehand with the people living nearby. The municipal police can intervene in the event of noise caused by a party in an apartment building.

Street musicians

People playing music in public must obtain formal authorisation, issued by the City of Geneva. They must also comply with a certain number of rules which can be found on the Music in the streets of Geneva page and are designed to ensure that the numerous users of public areas can share this space in harmony. 

Noises subject to authorisation

Certain noises are subject to authorisation. More particularly, these include processions, the playing of music or words in public areas, various events, etc. Authorisations relating to noise fall under the auspices of the Department of Security, Police and the Environment of the Canton of Geneva and the cantonal police.


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