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User health is at the heart of the Sports Service’s concerns

An accident is always possible, a malaise can happen at any time. That is why the staff of the Sports Service are trained in first aid and why the City of Geneva’s sports facilities are equipped with infirmaries and defibrillators which are accessible and ready for use.

femme de dos devant un bassin de piscine

First aid training

In order to provide first aid following a little accident, a fall or the beginning of a drowning episode, the staff of the City’s sports facilities all attend regular and mandatory first aid training. At les Vernets and Varembé swimming pools, they even attend additional training courses specific to their field, such as BSL-AED resuscitation courses and water rescue courses with the SSS Brevet Pro Pool certificate.

Pharmacies and infirmaries

Each team in the field has access to a pharmacy in order to provide basic treatment until the injured person can go home or, if the situation is more serious, until an ambulance arrives to take them to hospital. Each sports centre has at least one infirmary ready to take care of injured people at all times so that they can receive first aid.

défibrillateur devant un stade d'athlétisme

Self-service defibrillators 

The Sports Service has provided the public with access to self-service defibrillators in order to allow them to save a life if this proves necessary. There are 24 defibrillators in total across the different sports facilities in the City of Geneva.  

An entirely energy-self-sufficient defibrillator station: a first in Switzerland 

The machine installed at the Bout-du-Monde sports centre is powered by solar energy, thanks to a photovoltaic panel. This entirely energy-self-sufficient defibrillator station (in partnership with SwissMedSolutions), a genuine technological innovation, is even a first in Switzerland and has been in service since May 2021.

Safe sports activities in light of your physical fitness

Practise your sports activities in total peace of mind, as the staff of the sports facilities are watching over you. Nevertheless, to prevent accidents, any physical activity must take account of your physical fitness, without overestimating your abilities.

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Ambulance: 144
  • Police: 117
  • Fire brigade 118


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