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A centre for dance on Place Sturm

With the keys to the Pavillon de la danse being handed over, an historic milestone has been reached by devoting a site in Geneva solely to this art form.


The winner of the international architecture competition organised in 2013, the construction of the “Bombatwist” project – designed by the Swiss agency ON Architecture – is nearing completion. The concept of a light wooden structure was developed in close collaboration with the future users, the Association pour la Danse Contemporaine (ADC), which is a key player on the Geneva arts scene.

Place Charles-Sturm was identified as the site for the installation for a period of 7 years. In order to reduce the duration of the construction site and its impact on the neighbourhood, the centre consists of modules prefabricated in a workshop. Twenty one monumental porticoes made from native larch and spruce were assembled in just a few weeks by means of telescopic cranes on a concrete apron requiring very little landscaping.

Comprising 84 wooden frames creating an elegant, flowing facade, the light, removable construction complies with the requirements of the MINERGIE label and is home to a modular performance hall, a lobby area, workshops, a mediation room and a number of offices.

Scenographic concept

Developed specifically to meet the demands of the world of dance, the stage in the “Pavillon” is perfectly proportioned. The hall is designed to be laid out as required for different performing arts events. The modular, collapsible seating areas can provide space for up to 230 people, including six seats for people with reduced mobility, in a range of different configurations. The scenery installations cover the entire surface of the hall, thereby offering versatile use. The same is true of the stage floor, which covers the 400 m² of floor space available.

Open to the public in spring 2021

Within the framework of its cultural policy, the City of Geneva has supported choreographic creation and provided facilities for the dance scene for a number of years. The centre has risen from the ground thanks, in part, to the will of the ADC which has worked tirelessly since 1998 to unite dancers, choreographers and the public around the idea of popularising this discipline.

Innovative and vibrant, the contemporary dance scene in Geneva is widely acknowledged, even beyond our borders, as can be seen by the Swiss Dance Prize presented to the ADC in 2015, or the numerous international accolades awarded to Geneva-based choreographers and dancers.

We look forward to seeing you on 24 March 2021 for the first performance at the Pavillon de la danse.


Anaïs Balabazan

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Félicien Mazzola

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