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Cité Seniors is back!

From 4 May 2021, Cité Seniors returns with a wide range of activities available in different formats: on-site, outdoors, broadcast on YouTube and on the TV. On the agenda: workshops, conferences, visits, IT classes and much more!

Cité Seniors revient

After months of constraints and restrictions linked to the health situation, the Cité Seniors team is delighted to be able to welcome senior citizens to the premises on rue de Lausanne again as well as via a range of completely new formats.

A programme available via several media

In order to re-establish ties with its senior citizens while complying with the health recommendations in force, Cité Seniors has adapted its programme to several different media.

Cité Seniors will resume certain activities on site, with classes, conferences, a support group for family caregivers and IT classes.

To take full advantage of the springtime, outdoor sports activities and guided visits run by enthusiasts and experts will be organised to offer a little balm to both mind and body.

To make the conferences available to as many people as possible, Cité Seniors offers the possibility of following them live online via the Cité Seniors YouTube chain.

Finally, to complement this offer, an activity will be broadcast on the local TV station, Léman bleu, every Monday at 10.30 a.m.

The full programme can be found in the message available for download below and in the City diary.

Information and registrations by phone on 0800 18 19 20.


Maintaining ties

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity (DCSS) has ramped up its efforts to provide support for isolated people. The introduction of this activities programme is entirely in line with the information and events remit of the Department and of Cité Seniors with a view to enriching the daily life of senior citizens.

According to Christina Kitsos, this re-opening and the resources implemented to share the offer with as many senior citizens as possible makes a huge contribution to fulfilling the mission of the DCSS to ensure access to services and combat the risks of loneliness.



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