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1st Climate Week: solutions for a different way of consuming

As part of Mr Alfonso Gomez’ year as Mayor, the City of Geneva – together with numerous institutional and associative partners – is organising its very first Climate Week. Participatory workshops, conferences, film screenings and debates on consumption will be on the programme from 22 November to 3 December 2023.

Semaine climat 2023

Starting a few days before the 28th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) and running parallel to Green Friday (24 November), Climate Week offers the inhabitants of Geneva a chance to take a closer look at climate issues. A number of solutions will be presented enabling each individual to reduce their carbon footprint and to contribute, on a personal level, to limiting the repercussions of global warning on health, the cost of raw materials and agriculture.

A necessary wake-up call

Violent storms that topple trees and cause material damage, forest fires, recurrent heatwaves and soaring tiger mosquito populations – the Swiss summer this year has painted a clear picture of the consequences of climate change.

Taking action with regard to this situation requires a general mobilisation of the population:

  • local inhabitants, 
  • civil society, 
  • governments, 
  • the business sector

are called on to take action at their own level and to whatever extent is possible.

With this in mind, the Climate Strategy of the City of Geneva includes an individual thrust devoted to mobilisation.

This 1st edition of Climate Week will essentially be dedicated to themes relating to consumption, in particular food, energy, tourism and fashion. According to Mayor Alfonso Gomez, responsible for sustainable development, “This is a key thrust as it provides numerous, simple solutions that are accessible to all and that will be presented throughout the week. I firmly believe that changing our approach to consumption offers greater freedom and a means of protecting our health and well-being while allowing us to make savings.”

Understanding in order to take action

About forty free events scattered around the entire city will be organised to foster reflection, understanding, sharing and action.

The opening evening will take place on 22 November 2023 at the MEG. Exploring the topic of biodiversity, it will begin with a screening of “Une espèce à part”, a documentary series popularising science which has won several international awards. Its designer, Franck Courchamp (ecologist and Director of Research at the CNRS) will be on hand to give a lecture and take part in the subsequent round table.

Several activities are organised by and for young people, together with the key partners Swiss Youth for Climate and Step into action. Numerous participatory workshops are on the programme, such as the “safari visits” focussing on the circular economy, the creation of short films, a game about compliance with the Paris agreements and household appliance repair workshops.

Intervention by Timothée Parrique, researcher and author or a successful work on the modern obsession with accumulation, evenings attended by celebrities such as François Gemenne, a Belgian specialist on climate migrations, and Jean Jouzel, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with the GIEC, a workshop on sustainable theatre, a meeting on environmental issues linked to digital technology, round tables on corporate sustainability: the week’s programme is intended for a wide-ranging public and aims to provide anyone keen to change their habits with the necessary tools.

Climate Week is an event that meets several goals of the City of Geneva’s climate strategy. Discover all the measures of this strategy at: ​​​​​​​ and the full week’s programme together with the list of partners at:


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