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During the winter, the Parks and Gardens Service (SEVE) plants trees every day

In the four corners of the city, in the streets, the parks and the cemeteries, the SEVE pursues its planting campaign throughout the growing season.

Des employés du Seve plantent des arbres au parc de La Grange.

Three potential giants of the future – California redwoods – have recently been planted:

Almost 4 metres high and weighing more than a tonne, these ten-year-old sequoias come from the City of Geneva nursery in Les Bornaches. They were planted there and carefully nurtured during the past decade being potted, re-potted, planted in the earth and transplanted twice over a period of ten years so that their roots remain close to the trunk in preparation for their final planting.  

Ten employees as well as several trucks and lifting machines were called on to move the future giants to their pits, which had been prepared in advance, and put them in place. The lawns were protected by means of special covers.

The planting operations proceeded without a hitch and the trees are now settled in their new environment, where they might continue growing for several centuries.

The California redwood

In our parks, the California redwood is more resistant to diseases than its brother, the giant redwood. It can reach a height of 40 metres. The tallest tree in the world (115.55 m) is of the same species. The name “sequoia” comes from a North American Cherokee Indian called Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee alphabet, and it is in memory of his strength and perseverance that his name was given to this exceptional tree.

Other plantings

A wide range of trees are planted throughout the winter all around the city. More information:


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