Fair Week, the week of fair trade and solidarity

For the fourth successive year, the fair trade movement in Geneva is organising Fair Week from 17 au 26 November 2023, a week devoted to fair trade and solidarity. This not-to-be-missed event includes a series of activities encouraging us to question our excessive consumption habits, adopt more sustainable and equitable consumption models and (re)discover approaches that are more respectful of ethics, human rights and our planet’s limits. 

Fair Trade Week

Rethinking our consumption in light of the climate emergency

Created in 2020 to shed light on the excesses of Black Friday, Fair Week invites us to examine the meaningfulness of our consumption while promoting practices fostering a balance between people and environment. The climate emergency and the repeated violations of human rights along the production chain push us to ponder our individual role as consumers, as our lifestyle often has an impact on the marginalised populations of the countries of the South.

Individual choices and public commitments

Collective action and responsibility are just as important as our individual decisions. By supporting the Fair Trade Town campaign, the municipalities of Geneva and Carouge are actively committed to fair trade at the local level through their public policies. Be it with regard to the food served in school canteens, public procurement or the coffee they use in their machines, there are numerous levers on which they can act. Furthermore, they endeavour to promote civil society initiatives, such as Fair Week.

A movement that is gradually growing stronger

Initially led by Swiss Fair Trade, of which Action de Carême is a founding member, the Association romande des Magasins du Monde and the Association de soutien à Action de Carême, Fair Week is now also supported by a number of fair trade businesses in Geneva (Boutique Ayni, Cap Indigo, l’Eki-Thé, La Calebasse, Le Balafon, Senza, Maga's and Mag'grottes) and elements of the social and solidarity economy. Every year, new partners join the movement.

Discovering the social and solidarity economy

On 22 November, a round table will provide the opportunity to explore the synergies between North/South fair trade and the dynamics of the local social and solidarity economy while learning how the principles of fair trade help accelerate the ecological transition in our region. The weekend of 25 and 26 November will be dedicated to textiles and “slow fashion”, with a sewing café, upcycling workshops, a sustainable market and a responsible window-shopping activity.

Full programme: www.fairtradetown.ch


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