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Games Saturday in Geneva: Discover Geneva's toy and game libraries!

On Saturday 30 September 2023, the City’s 12 toy and game libraries will open their doors to people of every age. And the ludobus will also be on hand. The programme includes a whole host of games for children and families to discover from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ludothèques - portes ouvertes

Are you familiar with the “ludos”? There is doubtless one near you, right there in your neighbourhood. And you have probably seen the ludobus, standing in a school yard or a park during the summer. Every year, the ludothèques, subsidised by the City, and the ludobus prove to be a big hit, recording some 170,000 visits.

Thousands of games

To enable everyone to take advantage of the thousands of games of every kind that can be found in the ludothèques, the Schools and Early Childhood Service is organising a special day on Saturday 30 September 2023, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Children, parents and grandparents are welcome to visit the 12 ludothèques located within the municipality as well as the ludobus, which will set up stall in Parc des Acacias. The public will be welcomed by professional games experts who will help them choose from the numerous games available.

Discover the playful world of toy libraries

If you've never had the chance to visit a toy library, now's the perfect time to find out more. With 12 toy libraries across the city, there's sure to be one near you. Perhaps you've already come across the Ludobus during the summer, in parks or schools. These institutions, subsidized by the City of Geneva, are places where play, learning and fun reign supreme.

On this special day, you can delve into the fascinating world of games. Toy libraries are brimming with thousands of games of all kinds, suitable for all ages. Professional toy librarians will be on hand to guide you and help you choose from among this multitude of games.

Here is an overview of the events that will be organised:

  • puzzles, unlock;
  • construction games;
  • musical activities;
  • Lotto;
  • outdoor activities (cycles, tricycles, giant hockey), etc.
  • storytelling;
  • XXL Doodle;

Feel free to drop in, admission is free for everyone! Come and share a day of fun and games with your family.


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