Geneva Lux 2023: 23 artworks sparkling on the waterfront

Geneva Lux 2023 is on! From Friday, 27 January to Sunday, 5 February 2023, 23 light-based artworks are illuminating the centre of the city, and the waterfront in particular.

Geneva Lux 2023

This ninth edition of Geneva Lux is obviously impacted by the energy crisis.

“Geneva Lux is a major draw in terms of promoting the city and the waterfront during the winter, so there was no question of cancelling the event,” explains Marie Barbey-Chappuis, Mayor of Geneva. “We therefore specified works that are particularly energy-efficient, which called for a number of new installations.”

Of the 23 installations in this edition (lit between 6 pm and 10 pm) twelve are new, all dotted along the waterfront. Among the creations waiting to be discovered this year: “Kontakt”. Conceived by the Lux Lab collective and built by the Logistics and Events Department, the work allows two people on either side of the bay to communicate in Morse code by means of a laser that crosses the lake.

An immersive work composed of glass walls, “Alcove LTD” is based on a recycled shipping container and presents a constantly changing play of light.

Guided tours

Geneva Tourism is offering guided tours of the works, as it does every year. The complete festival programme, a map, details of the works, dates of the tours organised by Geneva Tourism and photos are available under “Useful information / Press kit” on the event’s website:

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