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The IDDEA Award reveals the 15 sustainable companies selected for the 2020 edition in the studios of Léman Bleu

The IDDEA award officially launched the 2020 edition. In an effort to keep the news rolling, it was from the studios of Léman Bleu, albeit without a live audience, that the 15 leaders of the projects selected presented their ideas. These successful candidates will now officially begin the training course that will result in the creation of a tangible business plan.

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Sustainability as a response to the current crisis

The selection process for the IDDEA Award 2020 took place against the highly unusual backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, calls for a more sustainable and responsible society have increased, demonstrating the urgent need to change our consumption habits as well as the way we produce both goods and services. The 83 applications received by the jury only reinforced this message, once again illustrating the passion for sustainable entrepreneurship in Geneva.

Sustainable, local and responsible consumption as the main theme

Of the 15 projects selected, most of them focus on sustainable consumption. Exploring fields such as food, urban agriculture, clothing and hair care, the candidates adopt an innovative approach in order to provide local, sustainable and responsible solutions as well as to satisfy the desire of the population of Geneva to be more responsible in their consumer habits and to change their purchasing behaviour. Sustainable financing and nano-donations are also among the projects presented this year.

Increasingly tangible projects

The jury of the IDDEA Award is pleased to note that the ideas submitted are increasingly tangible, satisfying specific needs and thereby giving them every chance of convincing the public and finding their market. Between now and next November, the project leaders will follow a free training course with a view to turning their idea into a realistic business plan. For memory’s sake, the IDDEA Award is first and foremost intended for people with ideas for sustainable enterprises or projects, but who do not necessarily have the tools required to tackle the market. Each candidate can benefit from coaching organised by the Chamber of Social and Solidarity-based Economy, APRÈS-GE, as well as appropriate advice from mentors throughout the process. The experts also come from GENILEM, Fondetec (Foundation for the development of employment and the economic fabric of the City of Geneva), and the HEG Geneva.

The best 3 projects will be rewarded

At the end of the training, the best 3 projects will be rewarded by the City of Geneva (to the tune of CHF 20,000), the FER Geneva (CHF 10,000) and the Services industriels genevois – SIG (CHF 5,000) respectively. A fourth prize worth CHF 2,500 will be awarded by the public at the Closing Ceremony, offered by Ecoservices SA. These prizes will help the winners launch their project on the market.

The candidates selected and their projects

Carlos Martinez Design for Geneva: shaping the next generation of social innovators thanks to an ideas incubator, a dynamic community and a means of addressing complex challenges.
Patrick Schirmann Development of a technology to promote sustainable finance among investors.
Roland Freymond Promoting the use of local wood by means of a mobile sawmill.
Alexandre Pédat Aurba: rethinking urban areas to foster local, long-term agriculture.
Laurent Calame Local, organic and CO2-neutral production of fruit and vegetables with a high nutritional value.
Julien Roueche Chicory – a local and environmentally-friendly alternative to coffee.
Benjamin Elliott et Hélène Gagliardi Upcycling old clothes and fabrics thanks to “paésine”, a fabric made from old clothes which can be used to make new clothes or soft furnishings.
Liz Anani Swimwear using nylon fibres made from plastic bottles and old fishing nets.
Julien Laurent Tom Pousse: production of local, healthy and tasty mini vegetable shoots all year round.
Elizabeth Komaromi Preparation of sauces for Swiss pasta using waste vegetables.
Montalcini Creation of an innovative material using hair to provide a natural alternative to down.
Hoàn Nguyen-Xuan Shark Rebellion: creation of a brand of high-performance sports swimwear made from plastic waste recovered from the oceans.
Sandrine Damour Development of a digital democratic urban planning application enabling the population to build 2D urban proposals (plans) translated into 3D solutions (digital modelling).
Carmen Escano A sustainable and personalised hair care brand that is good for both you and the planet.
Silvia Esteves SwissDon: organising the collection of nano-donations and facilitating donations with micro-generosity reflexes.



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