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Opening of the redesigned Place des Augustins to the public

After seven months of work, the redevelopment of Place des Augustins is now complete. From Friday 23 April, residents and passers-by will once again be able to take advantage of this public area along Rue de Carouge and Rue Prévost-Martin. Previously dilapidated and somewhat derelict, the area has been reborn as an urban square boasting greenery and a fountain.

Place des Augustins - avril 2021

Six new trees and a number of shrubberies have been planted around the edge of the square and in front of the Ifage building. The existing trees were retained with the exception of two, deemed to be a hazard with branches having already fallen accidentally.

Four long series of benches have been installed, considerably increasing the possibilities for enjoying a time-out on the square. On the new esplanade in front of the Ifage building, two concrete benches with wooden seats have also been installed.


At the heart of the square, a fountain has been created to bring an additional feeling of freshness to the site. A drinking fountain is also available. The public lighting has been refurbished and upgraded. A light-coloured permeable ground cover has been installed at the centre of the square, while the surrounding sections and pavements have been redone in concrete. This stabilised surface will facilitate use of the outdoor area for tramway kiosk.

The Polarité II sculpture by Alfred Wyler from the contemporary art fund collection of the City of Geneva (FMAC), a fixture on the square since the 1980s, has also been given a new showcase.

The Place des Augustins Place des Augustins will be able to assume its role as a place where the local population can meet and relax at the very heart of the district. It also offers a pleasant pedestrian route between the different shops and institutions in the surrounding area.

A project by young architects chosen by competition

The project is the result of a competition organised by the City of Geneva in 2014, intended for landscape architects under the age of 35. The Zurich-based company S2L was named the winner, receiving the “Evariste-Mertens” prize awarded by the FSAP (Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects).

An exhibition replace the inauguration

Due to the COVID pandemic, the City of Geneva prefers to avoid any official inauguration. Nevertheless, to accompany the reopening of the square, the Municipal Contemporary Art Fund (FMAC) will exhibit several works from its collection in the tramway kiosk located along Rue de Carouge. The works of artists Barbara Yvelin, Yuki Shiraishi and Konstantin Sgouridis will be on show from 23 April to 29 May 2021.


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