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Original streamed concert at the Victoria Hall

The “Ensemble Polhymnia and Diego Innocenzi” Sunday concert, scheduled for 20 December at 5 p.m., will still be held online.

vue d'une scène avec des gradins vides autour

The cantonal health measures do not allow any concerts to be held in public. Discover this Sunday concert, filmed by Léman Bleu and broadcast at 5 p.m. on Sunday 20 December, on the website of the Victoria Hall or on the City of Geneva YouTube channel.

Resident organ player at the Victoria Hall and organ professor at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, Diego Innocenzi will perform a selection of religious works this year together with the Polhymnia ladies choir. These works are religious in their textual content and in the way they “connect” the eras in which they were composed. From the romantic era to modern times, the works evolve while displaying their underlying links and common heritage founded on exaltation and humility before that which goes beyond our understanding.


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