Promotions Seniors celebrates citizens who are newly retired

On 30 October, the City of Geneva is organising a new edition of the Promotions Seniors event at the Grand Théâtre. Laurence Bisang and Michel de Senarclens Chinet, aka “Sarcloret”, will be the key speakers during the evening.

Deux personnes agées prennent des informations à un stand

Since 2013, the Promotions Seniors event has highlighted the City of Geneva’s desire to cast a positive light on retirement by organising a convivial get-together. Women born in 1959 and men born in 1958 and living in Geneva will be invited to this year’s event in the magnificent setting of the Grand Théâtre de Genève. The Promotions Seniors marks a milestone in the lives of newly retired people. The programme of the evening ensures the event will be a relaxed affair, with shared stories and information concerning the different means of becoming involved and participating in city life.

Laurence Bisang and Sarclo share their thoughts

Following a welcome drink, the evening will begin with a short official section with Executive Councillor Christina Kitsos, responsible for social cohesion and solidarity.
Retirement represents a key milestone in a person’s life. It is always reassuring to hear the stories of those who have already gone beyond this milestone. During the evening, two celebrities known for their passionate and open opinions, talk about their commitments in this new period of their life:
•    Laurence Bisang, the emblematic voice of French-speaking Switzerland and host of the programme Les Dicodeurs for 23 years. She has accompanied numerous members of the local population at meal times;
•    Sarclo, or Sarcloret, whose real name is Michel de Senarclens Chinet, is a French-speaking author, composer and performer whose songs take a gentle or razor-sharp humorous look at daily life.
A buffet and a classical music concert performed by the Terpsycordes quartet will make the evening – attended by invitation – even more enjoyable. Having won numerous international competitions, these four musicians – who promote an eclectic approach – are sure to delight the audience of newly retired people.

Be informed and become involved

Furthermore, associations and institutions will be on hand with information stands, allowing those present to discover the services and activities available to them, and in particular the possibilities of volunteer work.
The Promotions Seniors event is part of the longevity policy developed by the City of Geneva. This event is a sign of recognition of the contribution senior citizens make to city life and the services provided to the community.

Video of the 2020-2021 Edition


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