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Start of renovation work on the Passerelle de l’Ile footbridge

The renovation work on the Passerelle de l’Île footbridge will begin on Monday 14 November 2022. The pedestrian bridge across this branch of the Rhone will therefore be closed to the public for the entire duration of the work until October 2023.

Passerelle Ile

The Passerelle de l’Île requires major renovation. Built in 1880 and included on the register of listed buildings in 1993, it has only ever undergone routine maintenance.

The last inspection of the construction revealed damage to the metallic elements of the structure, which guarantee its safety and stability. This damage is the result of severe corrosion acting on the parts of the metallic structure. Other parts of the structure, such as the concrete apron frames and the assembly rivets are also damaged. Finally, the bridge has a somewhat shoddy appearance, with its damaged railings (missing or broken rosette motifs) and peeling paint, not to mention the numerous tags covering it.

The pedestrian pathway maintained on the Quai des Moulins

To carry out the work, the bridge will be closed throughout the entire duration of the work, i.e. from November 2022 to October 2023. During the closure, the pathway connecting the Quai des Moulins (and the bridges crossing the island) to the Promenade des Lavandières will be maintained.

Spectacular work

The bridge will be fully renovated. The concrete apron will be demolished and replaced by wooden planking. The southern staircase will be rebuilt while the stonework northern staircase will be dismantled and reassembled. The vertical pillars and arches will be reinforced and the supports will be rehabilitated. The corroded parts and missing rivets will be replaced. All the metallic parts will be sandblasted to remove the successive coats of paint applied over the years. The bare steel will make it easier to identify and replace all the corroded metal parts. Finally, the structure will be entirely repainted in its original colour. The railings will also be renovated.

Several spectacular operations will take place during the work. In spring, for example, the walkway will be raised by approximately 2 metres in relation to its current position using lifting cylinders. Two huge beams will then be installed along the length of the footbridge – one on the upstream side and the other on the downstream side – in order to support a work platform, which will be separate from the structure and will allow the work to be carried our inside a sealed shell. Finally, the walkway will be uncovered and lowered to its final position, which will be slightly higher than at present. The structure will be repositioned 40 cm higher than it is now in order to balance the flights of stairs at each end of the walkway and to present the bridge in its best light.

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