Alcohol and drug prevention

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The City of Geneva works with organisations active in the prevention of alcohol and drug consumption among young people.

The City of Geneva is keenly aware of the problem of alcohol and drug consumption among young people. It is prepared to take rapid action in the event of binge drinking episodes such as “botellón” or other such events.

Providing alternatives to “botellónes”

In response to events such as “botellónes”, it is essential to provide events and meeting places for young people during the summer.

The City of Geneva encourages the development of events and summer refreshment bars managed by associations, such as Le Quai, the Barje, operation deckchair, CinéTransat and the refreshment bar at the Museum Science History.

Obligations in contracts signed with the City

The contracts governing the provision of halls and authorisations to use public or private areas issued by the City emphasise the obligations under which organisers are required to:

  • comply with the legislation in force concerning selling and serving alcohol;
  • train staff and inform them of their responsibilities;
  • make promotional offers of non-alcoholic beverages available and provide fresh water free of charge;
  • respect the doses of alcohol and not encourage people to drink alcoholic beverages by means of actions such as happy hours;
  • display the legal obligations and promotional offers of non-alcoholic beverages in a visible manner.

Furthermore, people organising events are encouraged to call on the services of a prevention organisation with a view to informing and advising the public. Organisers or operators of seasonal installations taking prevention initiatives in addition to the legal obligations will be granted a 5% discount on the tax on the increased use of public areas.

Prevention efforts in the districts

The activity centres and community centres implement a range of prevention campaigns, either individually or as a network.

The outreach social workers (TSHM) undertake primary prevention measures within the scope of their outreach work.

Collaboration with prevention organisations

The City of Geneva does not directly develop addiction prevention campaigns, but collaborates with different organisations:

A representative of the City of Geneva also participates in the alcohol consumption platform set up by the canton.

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