Voies-là, the new address in Saint-Jean

La terrasse de Voies-là, la nouvelle buvette des voies couvertes

Located at the start of the “voies couvertes” in Saint-Jean, this new summer refreshment stand serves local products and organises free activities for people of all ages.

Ideally situated at the beginning of the “voies couvertes” in Saint-Jean, the Voies-là associative refreshment stand is open to all. Wandering around the terrace, you see families and senior citizens. Some are knitting as they enjoy a delicious ice cream.

Local products

Local products take pride of place here. The Bière des Murailles is brewed in Meinier and the Bière de la Pièce in Meyrin, while the syrups carry the GRTA label and the cake is home-made.

Free entertainment throughout the summer

To create a lively atmosphere, various free activities are organised ranging from yoga and a jass tournament to writing workshops and an introduction to tango. And to round off the entertainment programme, pétanque balls, skittles, a mölkky set, chalk and cards are available on site.

Opening times and dates

The refreshment stand is open from 1 June to 30 September, Wednesday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Opening times may vary depending on the weather.

Associative project

Having noted a lack of pleasant meeting places accessible to all, a group of inhabitants from Saint-Jean has founded the association AVJS, “animons les voies de Saint-Jean”, with a view to creating a project to promote the local, social and cultural dynamics within their district. The aim of the association is to “foster a more vibrant site by acting as a meeting point and forum for a wide range of free activities.”


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