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“Par la force des choses”, exhibition at the Science History Museum

Falling, turning, rolling. The force of gravity is all around us in our daily lives and to understand this scientific phenomenon, the Science History Museum has organised an interactive visit through its exhibition entitled “Par la force des choses”.

Force des choses - MHS

Tripping on a carpet, losing your balance, trying to steady yourself and ultimately rolling to the ground. That may well have happened to you already. But do you know why, other than being a little clumsy? A physical phenomenon that is all around us in our lives: gravity.

How can we explain why our body falls? Our understanding of gravity has constantly evolved since Antiquity, driven by some of the great minds in the history of science, from Aristotle to Einstein. These scholars accompanied their thought process with famous experiences, and it is through these that the exhibition leads you.

There’s nothing like interactive elements, such as sloping surfaces, pendulums, gyroscopes and spinning tops, to illustrate these forces, understand a phenomenon and spend a pleasant moment immersed in the world of science!

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Until 2 March 2025
Opening times and useful information on the website of the Science History Museum – Par la force des choses

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