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COVID-19: Implementation of measures in favour of soft mobility

On 30 April, the State Council announced its decision to implement a series of temporary measures in favour of soft mobility with a view to accompanying the gradual resumption of both social and economic activities while helping limit the risk of traffic congestion caused by an increased use of cars. The introduction of these measures is also designed to avoid an excessive increase in air and noise pollution resulting from the renewed presence of road traffic.

Following intensive preparatory work carried out by their specialist teams, the departments of the Canton and the City of Geneva concerned can today present the implementation schedule and opening schedule for these different measures in favour of cyclists and pedestrians.

Measures in favour of cyclists

The temporary measures aimed at encouraging increased use of bicycles are primarily made possible by eliminating traffic lanes usually intended for personal motorised vehicles, if several lanes in the same direction exist, or by eliminating parking spaces. These measures are scheduled to last no more than 60 days. They can be adapted to the circumstances at any time and, where necessary, extended.

The measures relate to three strategic roads as well as several other circuits in the city centre which, despite their temporary nature, are designed to be effective, visible and attractive. (See the detailed plan available for download below):

  • Continuous cycle path between Cornavin and Uni-Mail
  • Continuous cycle path between Cornavin and the Eaux-Vives railway station
  • Continuous cycle path along the lakeside “U” (around the bay)
  • Other cycle-friendly measures introduced (Boulevard des Tranchées / Route de Florissant, Rue de la Croix-Rouge)

Work on implementing these different adaptations to the network of cycle paths began on 12 May and should be completed by 22 May, weather permitting. In total, these temporary measures require the removal of almost 50 car parking spaces, thirty spaces for motorbikes and fifteen spaces for bicycles.

Measures in favour of pedestrians

In addition to the measures aimed at encouraging travel by bicycle, measures will also be introduced to provide pedestrians with more space in the streets and to shorten waiting times at road junctions managed by traffic lights. This reduction in waiting times will be made possible by setting the traffic lights at the 15 road junctions concerned to flashing mode from 15 May (list of junctions attached). These measures will facilitate compliance with the social distancing recommendations issued by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Other measures are currently being examined by the different services of both the City and the Canton, and all relevant details will be announced in the near future.

Collaboration and coherence

The rapid implementation of these measures is the result of close collaboration between the services of the Department of Infrastructures of the State of Geneva and the Department of Buildings and Planning of the City of Geneva which, in only a few days, have succeeded in identifying coherent solutions to satisfy the need to guarantee safe and optimised traffic conditions fostering soft mobility.

For further information

Serge Dal Busco, State Councillor responsible for the Department of Infrastructures, through Mr Roland Godel, spokesperson for the DI, Tel. 078 802 90 07.
Rémy Pagani, Administrative Councillor responsible for the Department of Buildings and Planning, through Ms Anaïs Balabazan, Information and Communication Delegate , Tel. 022 418 20 53.


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