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Culture, a federating asset of Destination Geneva!

Last week saw the first phase of the “Geneva, Cultural Destination” project, a joint initiative of the Genève Tourisme & Congrès Foundation (GT&C) and the Department of Culture and Sport (DCS) of the City of Geneva.

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Geneva’s cultural institutions and events are organised around this approach with a view to working together to promote Geneva as a cultural destination.

14 Cultural institutions

The representatives of fourteen museums, private foundations, performing arts troupes and renowned film festivals presented the diversity and vibrancy of the city’s cultural scene during a series of meetings with the media and opinion leaders in three major European cities: Madrid, Paris and London.

Geneva boasts a unique blend of numerous influences within a small area. This density and diversity are reflected in its highly-creative and dynamic cultural and artistic offering throughout the year. Extending Geneva’s reputation as a premium cultural destination, in particular in other European countries, is one of the strategic objectives of the Genève Tourisme & Congrès foundation and a goal long shared by the players on the city’s cultural and artistic scene who already promote these objectives abroad individually. “It seemed clear to us that we should join forces this year – something we have never done before – in order to promote the city’s cultural appeal. Organised in close cooperation with the representatives of Swiss Tourism and attended by the Swiss ambassadors in the countries concerned, this first edition targets three of Geneva’s key tourist markets in Europe. The cultural vibrancy of Madrid, Paris and London is the sign that there is a real demand for culture in these markets,” explains Adrien Genier, Director of the GT&C foundation.

Geneva, city of culture

In total, almost 150 journalists, opinion leaders and influencers attended these 3 days of meetings. Such an impressive turnout demonstrates a genuine interest in the diversity and singularity of Geneva’s cultural offering within Europe. “Geneva is a city of culture which is open to the world! Together, we will shout it from the rooftops in order to promote out city and attract new audiences. It is clear to me that it is in our best interests to work together and I look for forward to the synergies we will be able to draw on to shape our future,” states Sami Kanaan, Administrative Councillor responsible for the Department of Culture and Sport. All the participants acknowledged the real added value of this joint operation in promoting Geneva in the field of culture and the strong feeling of emulation resulting from it..

Second phase

This initial contact is the first phase of the “Geneva, Cultural Destination” project with its long-term vision. The next phase will see numerous media representatives visit the city over the course of one week in mid-June 2020. Journalists and influencers will be invited to discover Destination Geneva from an insider’s standpoint – its cultural effervescence, culinary diversity, vibrant arts and crafts scene, international prestige, architecture and unique setting. In addition to one-off promotional campaigns abroad, the cultural initiators and partners involved share the desire to continue working together in order to provide visitors to Cultural Geneva with a high-quality welcome.

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