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Geneva Lux 2022: 23 light works transforming the bay and the city

From Friday 21 January to Sunday 6 February 2022, some 23 light works will illuminate the City, and in particular the bay.

The program and further information on the 8th edition of the festival (January 21 - Februray 6, 2022) are available on the Geneva Lux Festival website.
Geneva Lux 2022

This eighth edition of Geneva Lux is held under the banner of renewal. “Eleven original works are presented for the first time in Geneva and the duration of the festival has been extended by one week in order to meet the public demand,” explains Marie Barbey-Chappuis, Executive Councillor responsible for the Department of Security and Sport. “We will also benefit from the arrival of a new Artistic Director, François Moncarey, who is perfectly in tune with the local artistic scene and knows how to showcase it.”

Relationship with water

Most of the works in this edition are located around the bay. They explore our relationship with water and, more generally speaking, the environment. One such work includes two luminous giants standing several metres high, “supporting” the Pont du Mont-Blanc. Close to the Jet d’Eau, the audio-visual installation entitled “Emergence” will serve up the poetic vision of an immense dancer performing on the waves. Certain old works will also be moved, such as the Harmonic Portal, which will be installed on the Ile Rousseau this year, and Floraison...which will spring up on la Treille.

In order to have more time to enjoy these works during the weekend of 22-23 January 2022, the timetables of the Mouettes genevoises are extended to 9 p.m. (instead of 6 p.m.). Tours of these works of art are also organised by Geneva Tourist Office, in compliance with the health conditions.

The full festival programme, the map and detailed information about the works, the dates of the visits organised by Geneva Tourist Office and a selection of photos are available under “Useful information / Press kit” on the event site:



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