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Participate in a night-time experience on the theme of light!

A series of evenings are organised to explore the subject of urban lighting through participatory on-site lighting tests followed by indoor workshops and discussions.


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Plan Lumière - actualité

Parc des Cropettes, the Pont des Acacias and the Petite Rade have been chosen as “test” sectors as part of the implementation of the City of Geneva’s lighting plan.

The aim of this lighting plan is to better take into account the key issues linked to the preservation of biodiversity while making every effort to improve the lighting accompanying users of public areas.

More and more studies are indeed demonstrating that the excessive use of artificial lighting is harmful to all things living (humans, plants, animals). The challenge is therefore to find a better balance between areas to be protected from artificial lighting and areas that should be welcoming and ensure the safety of all.

Reflection on the City of Geneva’s “black frame”

The black frame brings together all the places where particular attention needs to be paid to artificial lighting in order to protect biodiversity and contribute to its survival. It is an ecological network where the level of darkness at night should be sufficient to host and foster the development of nocturnal biodiversity. In short, it is a matter of reducing artificial lighting to a minimum, or even of eliminating it altogether, in the areas identified as being sensitive or strategic.

The three sites chosen are part of the thought process on artificial lighting with a view to developing a methodology that will then be applicable to other sites.

Lasting about 2 hours, the evenings organised will be hosted by the lighting technicians of the City of Geneva and of the urban light planning agency Radiance35.

You can participate in one or more evenings at one or more sites. However, to take full advantage of the experience, you are advised to participate in two consecutive evenings focussing on the same site.

Venues and dates

Parc des Cropettes
Wednesday 22 March at 7.30 p.m. on site, meet at the intersection of Rue du Fort-Barreau and rue de Montbrillant.
Thursday 23 March 2023 at 7.30 p.m. indoors at the Pavillon doré (beside l’école des Cropettes), Rue Baulacre 2-4, 1203 Genève.

Pont des Acacias
Wednesday 29 March at 8.30 p.m. on site, meet at the intersection of Pont des Acacias and Quai des Vernets.
Thursday 30 March at 8.30 indoors at les Acacias community centre, Route des Acacias 17, 1227 Genève.

Monday 3 April at 8.30 on site, meet on the platform in front of the Pont de la Machine.
Tuesday 4 April at 8.30 indoors, Rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 4, 1204 Genève.

Registration desired by email at @email or by phone on 022 418 21 00, specifying the date(s) and site(s).


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Les Acacias


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