Quai du Seujet closed to traffic from 3 July

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Due to the work carried out by Parking du Seujet SA and the City of Geneva, Quai du Seujet will be completely closed to motorised traffic and deliveries from July to October 2023. Motorists are advised to avoid this sector while the work is ongoing and to use the recommended itineraries.

Work will begin on 3 July and will last until mid-October 2023.

During this period, Quai du Seujet will be closed to motorised traffic, including deliveries, between Pont de Sous-Terre and Rue des Trois-Blanchisseuses. Solutions have been found to provide alternatives for shops and companies requiring deliveries.

Pedestrian access to the buildings and shops will be maintained at all times. The pavements will remain open to pedestrians.

Cycle traffic will be maintained, but moved to the upper section of the promenade.

Detours for motorised traffic

Traffic will be subject to a detour in both directions (see map of detours below and attached available for download).

plan avec itinéraires conseillés (déviations lors de la fermeture du quai du Seujet)

  • Traffic on Rue des Trois-Blanchisseuses and Quai Turrettini will be one-way in the direction of Rue du Temple.
  • Access to le Seujet car park will be maintained.

Repair of the waterproofing of the underground car park

The work primarily involves repairing the waterproofing of the upper level of the underground car park, to be carried out by the company Parking du Seujet SA. The car park is located under the road on Quai du Seujet.

Redevelopment of the crossroads in front of the Ecole du Seujet

When the work is complete, the City of Geneva will install a new sound-absorbent surface on the road. The crossroads in front of Ecole du Seujet has also been improved. The pavements have been widened and the pedestrian crossings have been moved in order to improve safety, in particular for the pupils attending the school.

Motorists are strongly advised to avoid this sector on the dates indicated and to use other routes. Recommended itineraries are indicated on the accompanying map.

The City of Geneva would like to thank the residents and general public in advance for their patience while this work is being carried out.


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