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Sports schools: a school of life where you can get active while having fun

It will soon be the start of the new year in the sports schools for young people aged 4 to 17, adults and senior citizens. Numerous sport disciplines are on the programme to suit every taste and curiosity. 

enfant jouant au badminton en intérieur

Throughout the school year, the Sport Service organises classes in numerous sport disciplines adapted to the age of the participants.

The offer includes a wide selection of activities ranging from urban sport, for example with parkour and street workout, to aquatic activities such as aquagym, aquabike, aquazumba and swimming.

Team sports, such as handball, tchoukball, rugby, floorball and rink hockey, are organised alongside more individual sports such as athletics, badminton, breakdance, mountain biking and BMX, chess, Nordic walking and table tennis. Sliding sports are also on offer, with ski, snowboard, ice hockey and ice skating classes.

There are also several combat sports, ranging from boxing and taekwondo to gentler disciplines such as kinomichi, intended for senior citizens as it develops flexibility through harmonious movements at the crossroads of dance and martial arts.

These sports classes are run by qualified instructors and are an ideal opportunity to discover new disciplines or to improve in more familiar ones. The classes are suitable for all budgets and are open to anyone, within the limits of any age restrictions and the number of places available.

The list of disciplines, including descriptions and timetables, has already been published on the online platform. We advise you take a look at this and to create your user account, if you haven’t done so already, on the online platform while you wait for registrations to open.

Useful information

Registrations open:

- 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday 8 September for young people and senior citizens

- 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday 15 September for adults

Registrations can only be made via the online platform:

You can find more information online via the sports classes page.


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