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“A Table!” sustainable catering competition 2023

From 25 September to 22 October, the “A Table!” sustainable catering competition is the culinary event of the autumn. This is an opportunity for the people of Geneva to (re)discover both their favourite restaurants in the city and the latter’s partners – the producers and craftspeople of the region.

A Table 2023

Fully aware of the current environmental and societal challenges, some sixty restaurants will undertake to serve up more sustainable fare. Prize money totalling CHF 30,000 will be awarded to the most committed participants.

Food is an essential lever to help limit the impact of consumption on the climate and the environment. It is with this in mind that the Cantonal Climate Plan and the  Climate Strategy of the City of Geneva define several measures aimed at promoting a healthy and sustainable diet. The “A Table!” sustainable catering competition is completely in line with these objectives. It also aims to promote short circuits, which are essential in order to strengthen local agriculture and the local economy.

Rethinking the way we cook

Through this competition, restaurants are encouraged to implement and promote a change in culinary practices. This event is also an opportunity to highlight the region's craftspeople and producers, who play an integral role in the catering sector. For its part, the local population is invited to visit the restaurants, taste the healthy and local fare served up by chefs around the canton and thus support Geneva’s food ecosystem.

Aurélien Guala, Chef at the Buvette du Centre Nature du Vallon de l’Allondon and winner of the 2022 Vegetarian Cuisine Award, explains: “I am delighted to take part in this competition again, which in particular promotes creative cooking with vegetarian products. Vegetables, cereals, wild herbs – the possibilities of this cuisine are endless and I am pleased to continue showcasing this approach through my inventive dishes.”

Benoit Vacher, Chef at le Bistroquet and winner of the 2022 Sustainable Catering Award, adds: “The chance to discuss and share with “our accomplices” is a genuine source of inspiration when preparing our menus. Placing them in the spotlight is a mark of respect for their work and their products and this competition provides an opportunity to increase our efforts in this respect.” 

This year, two free, half-day vegetarian training sessions provided almost 25 chefs with specific tools, allowing them to adapt and reproduce the solutions proposed in their own restaurants. An exceptional meeting with Michelin-starred chef, Laurent Petit, who has successfully focussed on vegetarian fare and local products at the Clos-des-Sens in Annecy, as well as a training session on lactofermentation, or how to store surplus vegetables and prolong the seasons, offered the participants an opportunity to reflect and share. 

Rewarding creativity that cares for the environment

Nine prizes and three accolades, representing a total endowment of CHF 30,000, will be awarded to the most committed participants.

The awards ceremony will be held on Monday 20 November.

In addition to the prizes presented by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva, the other partners of the competition will renew their support for this project, including:

Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of the City of Geneva responsible for sustainable development, reminds us that “eating is a vital and convivial act. The “A Table!” competition shows that relatively simple measures, such as reducing food waste and eating more local, seasonal and plant-based products can improve people’s health as well as that of the planet while supporting the local economy and offering us the chance to share festive moments.” 

Mr. Antonio Hodgers, State Councillor in charge of the Department of the Territory, says: “This initiative offers restaurateurs the chance to discover new, innovative culinary practices and learn about vegetarian cuisine while promoting local and seasonal products. The pleasure of eating combines perfectly with healthy food that respects our environment and protects our climate.” 

“A Table! Mangeons local et durable” is an event designed to meet several objectives of the City of Geneva’s climate strategy and of the Cantonal Climate Plan.

All practical information and the full list of the restaurants can be found on the website: “A Table! Mangeons local et durable".


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