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Théâtre de l’Orangerie – 2020 season

Despite the singular situation we are currently experiencing, the Théâtre de l’Orangerie will once again open its doors this summer! On the programme? Theatre of course! But there will also be concerts, musical mornings, workshops, exhibitions, meetings and even yoga. A wide range of activities to foster our relations with the world of today and tomorrow.

The Théâtre de l'Orangerie is a leading institution in Geneva’s summer programme. And just like every summer, the TO invites us to take a step back and become involved.

“So let’s do it. Quite simply.” The title of the editorial for the 2020 summer season says it all. During this most singular period, theatre and creativity assume even greater importance as a means of reflecting on year’s upheavals and events. In particular, they provide an opportunity to ponder, imagine, outline or even create the world of tomorrow.

A future world resolutely focusing on the protection of nature and the environment. To this end, the summer 2020 programme at the TO promises to be diverse and wide-ranging. The theatre offerings promise to “plunge the public into the roots of courage and resilience, being lost in woods, the resurgence of fundamental archaic gestures and the return of solidarity among the living.”. The young public theatre programming also reflects this dynamic, focussing on the notions of living together, sharing and conviviality with some shows held under the trees of Parc La Grange.

Between the open-air concerts and musical mornings, music will also enhance this link to nature. And the TO’s offering does not stop there, with meetings, workshops, exhibitions and yoga classes also scheduled in the “off” programme! Let’s not forget the renewed version of the famous refreshments stand serving local products, 100% plant-based cuisine and optimum waste management.

To enjoy the 2020 season to the full, and in light of the current pandemic, please do not hesitate to learn more about the health measures.

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