Les Vernets ice rink added to the register of listed buildings

Built in 1957-1958 by the architects Albert Cingria, François Maurice and Jean Duret on behalf of the City of Geneva, les Vernets ice rink was, at the time, an innovative building in the field of sports facilities, not only with regard to its appearance but also for the bold constructive solutions employed.

Patinoire des Vernets

Since its construction, the ice rink has undergone several changes relating to technical developments, sporting and social activities and safety requirements. The most recent work involved replacing the cooling system, calling on 7.5 T of ammoniac, in order to meet the requirements relating to the construction of apartment buildings on the site of the former barracks. While les Vernets ice rink is much loved by the population, it is also a model of workmanship and attention to detail as well as being emblematic of its era, in a way that very few other buildings in Geneva are, within a changing neighbourhood – Praille Acacias Vernets.

This recognition neatly rounds off the future transformation of the Esplanade des Vernets. To maintain these facilities and their numerous benefits, the inclusion of les Vernets ice rink on the register of listed buildings will enable the City of Geneva to plan the necessary developments to the building, and in particular the improvement of its thermal shell, in line with the authorities responsible for protecting the city’s heritage.

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