«Elles/ils font le maximum, faites le minimum»

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In order to highlight its cleaning and waste management missions, the City of Geneva wants to emphasise the important work carried out by the Road Services department. This is also a means of reminding everyone that they should behave in a responsible manner in public areas.

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By presenting employees in everyday situations, the City wants to highlight the unglamorous jobs performed each day to provide all its residents with a pleasant living environment.

The City of Geneva’s public areas are maintained throughout the year by the Road Services – Clean City service so that everyone can enjoy them to the full. The Road Services department is also responsible for removing urban waste, a task that is essential to the well-being of the community as a whole.

The Road Services department’s work in figures

We can summarise the magnitude of the task in 4 key figures: 

  • 4,300,000 m² are maintained by Road Services, which represents about 1,000 football pitches; 
  • 335 employees are in the field every day, primarily collecting urban waste and cleaning public areas; 
  • the Road Services department works 363 days a year, from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., depending on the location;
  • almost 60,000 tonnes of waste are collected in total every year.

A constantly increasing volume of work

The Road Services – Clean City service has observed an increase in the use made of public areas at all hours of the day and night. Some sites are very busy during the summer and additional resources are deployed to keep them clean, for example along the banks of the Rhone and the lake shore.

A campaign to promote the work of the Road Services department

Throughout the month of April, residents can discover the new Road Services awareness campaign, “Elles et ils font le maximum, faites le minimum” (they do so much, you can make an effort too). Portraits of some of the Road Services employees are posted in several locations around the city in order to encourage public collaboration, as cleanliness is a matter for everyone.

These portraits, some of which are included in the photo gallery below, can be seen from 4 April to 12 May in different public areas:

  • in les Bastions,
  • in Bel Air,
  • on Quai Wilson.
carte orange avec le lac et le rhône en bleu et trois points: Quai Wilson, Bel Air et Bastions


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