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A group of children walks to school in complete safety under the supervision of an adult.

une patrouilleuse scolaire fait traverser un groupe d'enfants

Pédibus can be compared to a flock of children walking to school under the supervision of a volunteer parent. The route, stops and times are programmed by the parents responsible for the Pédibus line.

How it works

Each parent who registers their child for the Pédibus service also undertakes to supervise it once or twice a week as required. The child joins the Pédibus at a stop and walks to school with their friends under the supervision of a volunteer adult. After school, the Pédibus brings them back to the closest stop to their home, where their parent will be waiting for them.

Route, journeys and times

The route is determined by the parents who take turns supervising the Pédibus.

The stops are indicated by means of signposts.

The time is chosen by the parents using the service according to their needs and those of their children.

A Pédibus can make 4 journeys per day, 4 days a week, but it may also only operate in the morning to take the children to school, or one day a Week.

You will find the Pédibus lines already in operation on the Pédibus website together with other useful information.

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