Des enfants traversent un passage piétons avec l'aide d'une patrouilleuse scolaire.

The school patrol guarantees the safety of pupils at 68 locations close to the schools of the City of Geneva.

Patrouille scolaire - campagne 2022

The school patrol is present every school-day as the pupils arrive at or leave their school.

Improving safety in the vicinity of schools

The Schools Department receives regular requests from the population for one of the many crossings near the city’s schools to be patrolled. This is not always possible for legal and financial reasons.

The following additional measures, often better suited to the particularities of each location, can be taken to increase safety on the way to and from school:

Visits to years one and two in primary school

Every year, the officers of the school patrol spend 15 minutes with the pupils of years one and two at primary school. The visit is much appreciated by the children, who get to know the “ladies in yellow” who will accompany them throughout the year.

Locations protected by the school patrols

The men and women of the school patrol operate in each district:


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