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The daily challenge of maintaining the paddling pools

A pleasant dip in the City’s magnificent paddling pools requires perfect water quality. This is ensured by the thorough daily maintenance work carried out by the staff of the Parks and Gardens Service of the City of Geneva (SEVE).

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Contrôle de la qualité des pataugeoires en Ville de Genève

With no barriers surrounding them and located in the open air, the City’s 11 paddling pools are highly sensitive sites. They are monitored and cleaned 7 days a week throughout the season in which they are in use, from May to September. It is only thanks to this essential and meticulous work that children can enjoy splashing around every summer.

Meticulous work to guarantee the quality of the water

To ensure that the water is crystal clear and of excellent quality, each paddling pool is cleaned and the water inspected every day by the teams of the Parks and Gardens Service (SEVE). In particular, they check that there is no rubbish at the bottom of the pool while also measuring the chlorine levels and pH values of the water. The cantonal pharmacist’s service also conducts anti-bacterial inspections several times throughout the summer.

The pools must be emptied every time the water quality is subject to any form of deterioration (due to heavy rainfall or the presence of a foreign body). Every two weeks, the water is entirely drained, the filters are checked and cleaned, then the pools are brushed and filled again with filtered water. This work means that the paddling pools are temporarily closed for half a day. 

This meticulous and precise work also helps guarantee the best-possible water quality. It is also very important that the different users of the parks respect these paddling pools, as it is a matter of children’s health.

11 paddling pools around the city

The City’s first paddling pool was inaugurated more than 60 years ago in 1959 in Parc Beaulieu. Ten other pools have been created over time to enhance these outstanding facilities, such as the new Bois de la Bâtie paddling pool with its two pools and water games.

Useful information

The City’s paddling pools are open to all free of charge, offering a chance to cool off and enjoy a convivial atmosphere at the height of the urban summer. 

The paddling pools in the City of Geneva are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., May to September.

Bathing is not supervised and reserved exclusively for children under the age of 7 and the person accompanying them.

The temporary closures are indicated on the City’s website and its social media.



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