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A joint awareness campaign to bring an end to gender-based and sexual violence

In parallel to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, held on 25 November, the Canton and City of Geneva, women’s rights associations and different institutional partners will join forces to present an awareness campaign and call for a coordinated action. On the agenda from 6 to 26 November 2023: a public poster campaign, an events programme and a new website presenting numerous resources.

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Campagne vs violences

One in three women worldwide will be subject to physical and/or sexual violence during their life. In 2022, some 15 cases of femicide were recorded in Switzerland as well as a massive 134 hate crimes against LGBTQIA+ people, while approximately 70% of women aged 15 to 34 have been subject to sexual harassment in public areas in Geneva over the past five years…

These statistics show that gender-based and sexual violence remain a reality in Geneva, Switzerland and elsewhere. This ongoing phenomenon ranges from inappropriate remarks to femicide and is rooted in gender-based stereotypes and inequalities. Whatever form it takes, this violence is far from innocuous and should never be trivialised. It has very real consequences for the physical and sexual integrity, mental health, independence and lives of those targeted by these different forms of violence and of the people close to them. It also generates a cost for society as a whole.

In light of this situation, which continues almost unchanged from one year to the next, a network takes action throughout the year to: 

  • increase awareness among the general public,
  • train the different professional bodies, 
  • accompany the victims of gender-based and sexual violence. 

The international day on 25 November

Every year, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, held on 25 November, marks a high point in the campaigns advocating the promotion of equality and the defence of women’s rights and those of gender minorities, both on a local and international scale. While some of these rights, which should already be a matter of course, are regularly called into question, the commitment to equality and the fight against all forms of gender-based and sexual violence must remain a priority.

The campaign in Geneva, from 6 to 26 November 2023

Poster campaign and events

In Geneva, the Canton, the City, the women’s rights associations and a number of different institutional partners will join forces to organise the campaign entitled “Bring an end to gender-based and sexual violence”. This will involve

  • a public poster campaign in the City of Geneva and in several other municipalities around the canton
  • and an events programme including exhibitions, performances, meetings, conferences, workshops and symbolic actions.

Actions for a wide range of groups

The different elements of this programme are intended for different target groups: people subject to, or who have already been subject to, violence, perpetrators, witnesses and any member of the general public keen to learn more about this issue or to consider positive models of masculinity.

A dedicated website

At the same time, a website – – has been launched to host the campaign and the programme as well as numerous resources relating to the issue, including: 

  • the information necessary to obtain help,
  • online tools,
  • prevention programmes,
  • a glossary and a bibliography providing information and a better understanding of the challenges and the terms used. 

Collective mobilisation

This enhanced collaboration between the parties active in preventing violence in Geneva will be pursued in the years to come. “In light of the extent and persistence of these forms of violence, it is essential to take coordinated, collective action in every sphere in order to foster a more egalitarian society free from violence,” observes Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva. Nathalie Fontanet, State Councillor, stresses that “the fight against gender-based and sexual violence is one of the priorities of the State Council. It is essential to reach as many people as possible to ensure that this question is a matter for everyone.”

Campaign website and full programme of events:


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