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Social Information Office reopening in a new permanent location

14 September 2023 sees the Social Information Office relocating to a new arcade on Boulevard d’Yvoy in the Jonction district. The social guidance and information centre will be open to the general public on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm and Thursdays from 4 to 7 pm.

Bureau information sociale

This is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the canton’s Department of Social Cohesion, the city of Geneva’s Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity, the Hospice Général and partners from the community.

The Social Information Office provides information and advice on issues relating to everyday life: financial problems, debt, housing and health. It aims to promote, and combat the low take-up of, benefits.

The institutional and community partners running the Social Information Office have decided to make this first-resort social service permanent. From 14 September, the Social Information Office will be opening its doors to the general public in an arcade at Boulevard d’Yvoy 3 in the Jonction district

On Tuesdays (10 am-2 pm) and Thursdays (4-7pm), all-comers are welcome to obtain basic social information in complete confidentiality, without an appointment.

All competences under a single roof

Representatives of the cantonal welfare services will be on hand on the new Social Information premises to help eligible persons find out about their benefit entitlements and how to obtain them, including supplementary benefits, health insurance subsidies and study grants.

The following will be on hand: 

A dedicated website

Details of the services provided and practical information are available on the Social Information Office website, which brings together information provided by all the partners. The public can obtain information in three languages (English, French and Spanish) concerning the opening hours and the services provided at

Info points: information and social guidance

By way of complement provided by the city of Geneva, the info points are intended to facilitate access to services of all kinds (administrative, institutional, community). They are open to the general public by appointment and provide information, social guidance and administrative support. The staff at the info points are available on the premises or by telephone to answer questions of a social or general nature, and can direct you to a partner or institution that can help you.

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